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The final playoff spot in the Western Conference is up for grabs. As the seeding games are coming close to an end, we might see a showdown between a number of teams for the #8 seed. The Portland Trail Blazers are one among the teams that are in the mix to earn their ticket to the postseason journey. And there have been reports that a particular unit wants the Blazers to come in as the final seed and face the Lakers in the first round.

A Blazers vs Lakers matchup in the first round of the western conference playoffs is certainly mouth-watering. We all know what Damian Lillard is capable of and he might be able to pull off one of his trademark daggers to send the Lakers home as early as the first round. But which NBA team is yearning for Portland to qualify in order for them to send the Lakers home?

In a story published by Joe Vardon of ‘The Athletic,’ the author mentions a speculation that might be making circles inside the LA Clippers’ camp. Apparently, the Clippers want the Blazers to qualify for the playoffs as the #8 seed. This is based on the notion that the Blazers might pose the biggest challenge to the Lakers if they manage to enter the playoffs.

Portland has faced LeBron James and the Lakers three times this season. The purple and gold might have a 2-1 edge in the head to head. But, you can never count out the talent of the Blazers. In fact, the final meeting between the teams ended in a Portland victory. Dame Lillard stood out with 48.0 points, giving his team an eight-point victory. Moreover, Lillard averages 36.0 points this season against the Lakers.

Moreover, Clippers coach Doc Rivers was asked about his team’s notion of wanting the Blazers to take on the Lakers. Here is what Doc said:

“I don’t get involved in that,” Doc Rivers said. “I heard our guys talking about it. I’m like, listen, that’s their business. Our business is who we’re playing. We need to focus on that.”

Source: https://www.essentiallysports.com/nba-news-la-clippers-orlando-bubble-a-particular-nba-team-is-rooting-for-the-portland-trail-blazers-to-enter-the-playoffs-and-upset-the-los-angeles-lakers/

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