Adult Material cast: Who stars with Hayley Squires in Channel 4 drama series, what time it’s on


New Channel 4 drama Adult Material delves into the porn industry through the eyes of a woman who has worked in it for many years.

The show will explore how the business of porn has progressed over time, becoming more mainstream and more profitable.

Here’s everything you need to know about when it’s on, what it’s all about and who’s in it.

The provocative new drama follows the lead character, a leading UK pornstar and working mother named Jolene Dollar, played by Hayley Squires.

It’s a job she has held throughout her adult life, and she prides herself on her ability to earn good money.

Being a mum can be hardcore…catch new drama Adult Material tomorrow night at 10pm #AdultMaterial

In the trailer, Jolene is sat in a meeting with a teacher. She tells her: “I work in the only industry in the world where women get paid more than men.

“That’s what you can’t tolerate, that a working-class woman who left school with two GCSEs gets paid three times your wages doing something she’s really good at.”

Her relationship with her daughter, her complicated working life, and what she has to deal with on set all feature in the show.

The drama also explores how the porn industry has developed over the years, going from a backroom business to something far more mainstream with a lot of money involved.

Channel Four told Bustle that the show is in fact “entirely fictional” but what was based on interviews that its writer Lucy Kirkwood carried out with people who work in the porn business.

Squires plays the lead role of Jolene Dollar, also known as Hayley Burrows when she’s not on stage.  Squires said of her character in the production notes: “Jolene Dollar is Hayley’s industry persona, the UK’s top porn star and one of the top MILFs in the world.

“Hayley Burrows is the woman behind Jolene, the mum at home, running a business with all these plates spinning. She’s the lone breadwinner, taking care of her three children and trying to raise them right.”

Jarrett is cast as Jolene’s oldest daughter Phoebe. The young actress previously played Azelma in Les Miserables and has had roles in The Rebel and Doctors. 

Kelly plays Amy, a 19-year-old not much older than Jolene’s daughter, who she meets on set at a shoot and takes under her wing. The actress is known for Vanity Fair and Temple. 

Everett takes on the role of Carroll Quinn, a friend of Jolene’s and a businessman, who is trying to keep up with the ever-changing porn industry. He is known for My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Happy Prince, An Ideal Husband and many more acting credits.

Dempsie who is perhaps best known for his roles as Gendry Baratheon in Game of Thrones and as Chris in Skins,  plays Jolene’s dedicated partner Rich.

Ovenden, whose past roles include Charles Blake in Downton Abbey, plays the demanding US porn boss Tom Pain.

Godliman’s character is MP Stella Maitland who becomes friends with Jolene and sticks up for her during difficult times in her life. The actress has previously appeared in Ricky Gervais shows After Life and Derek.

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