Adult Material viewers criticise new Channel 4 drama


Adult Material premiered on Channel 4 on Monday night, and viewers took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the show. The series follows Jolene, a seemingly ordinary mum-of-three who actually works in the adult entertainment industry until her life is turned upside down by an incident at work – and fans weren’t impressed by the reality of the drama. 

One person wrote: « I’m not being funny but all the previews looked like a story of a young powerful woman thriving in the adult industry and pure entertainment, not this dark, morally bankrupt head [expletive]. »

Another viewer added: « Channel 4 love their dark programmes. It feels like as a viewer, it kind of feels by watching it you’re a part of the exploitation. The trailer blatantly mis-sold this. » 

A third person wrote: « It’s gone from being funny to seriously disturbing. » However, others defended the first episode, with one posting: « Made by a female writer, female director and female cinematographer, plus focuses on female characters, so you can be confident it’s not going to be the usual [adult entertainment] story. Give it a chance. It’s deeper than a tweet. » 

Another added: « I’ve watched all the episodes of #AdultMaterial and all I can say is it isn’t for the faint-hearted but it is also full of twists throughout – the characters change and develop. Also if you’re more outraged by a show more than real life then you need to take a minute. » 

Speaking about her role, Hayley Squires told Glamour: « With Jolene as far as I’m concerned, she’s a feminist. She fights very hard for and very hard for what she has. She works to better herself within her means. She confronts these men as well as the women. She goes after the women; she goes after herself in the end as well. » 

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Actu monde – GB – Adult Material viewers criticise new Channel 4 drama

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