Angelina County Elections Office processing 50-75 ballot by mail applications a day


Lufkin, Texas (KTRE) – Monday is the final day to register to vote. Once you register, some people are eligible to register for the ballot by mail.

Ballot by mail is open to people who are unable to vote in person during early

voting, or on November 3rd. The Angelina County Elections Office has been busy. To request an application,

“You would call our office, we’d send you a ballot-by-mail request, and you would fill it out, and then you would send it back to our office and then that’s when we go in and process, saying that you need a ballot mailed to the address that you asked for it to be sent to,” said Elizabth Hawkins, Angelina County Elections Administrator.

She wants people to understand the importance of being clear about calling in for an application versus a ballot.

“We want to make sure that everybody understands that our office only sends out a ballot-by-mail if you request it,” Hawkins said. “Now there are other people, other parties that do send out these requests, but it’s not directly from us.”

Once you’ve received your ballot and voted you will, “Put it in your white envelope, you’re going to put it in your yellow envelope. You’re going to seal it, you’re going to sign the back of it. You have two options, you can drop it off in the mail to be mailed to our office, or you can hand deliver it,” Hawkins said.

If you hand deliver the ballot you must bring in your own ballot and one the forms of acceptable identification when doing so. Hawkins says they are getting a minimum of 50-75 ballots by mail requests a day and reminds people to be patient.

“In 2018 I actually processed 2,800 ballot-by-mail applications. As of right now we have 2,705 and we still have up until the 23 to be able to fulfil ballot-by-mail requests,” she said. “My prediction, I think that we’re probably going to hit 35 to four thousand.”

You can mail your application to the elections office as long as it’s postmarked by Oct. 5. Or you can walk it in tomorrow.

You must request a mail-in ballot by Oct. 23 and return it by mail, postmarked by Nov. 3.


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Actu monde – US – Angelina County Elections Office processing 50-75 ballot by mail applications a day

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