Bizarre Footage From Gettysburg Ignites Speculation About Ghostly Apparitions


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Many paranormal enthusiasts would consider the Gettysburg Battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to be one of the most haunted places in the world, as it is estimated that more than 50,000 soldiers were killed in the span of three days, making it a major destination for anyone interested in all things spooky. Tourist Greg Yuelling recently paid a visit to the landmark and was on a nighttime drive, rolling his camera, when he captured bizarre footage that some have speculated is evidence of the supernatural. Given the poor lighting conditions and artifacts on the windshield at the time, it’s hard to know exactly what the footage contains. You can check out the video above.

“We just went there as tourists, to learn more about the history of the Civil War and see the old battleground, where the Gettysburg Address was given and all that stuff, » Yuelling shared of the experience, per The Irish Sun. “We were driving along one night and we started hearing noises, I heard things to the left and my uncle heard things to the right, and there was a fog, but the fog was weird, it was only in one patch not dispersed. Then we saw these shapes moving in the darkness, they were the size of humans, one of them ran right through the cannon. »

He noted that the experience « was weird, it was scary, it was crazy. My uncle got so scared he rolled up the window. »

Thanks in large part to advances in technology, virtually anyone can become an amateur ghost hunter, with countless TV series being broadcast across a number of networks that all document the exploration of the supernatural. Despite the efforts of hundreds of thousands of investigators over the decades, there has yet to be any conclusive evidence to confirm such a phenomenon.

“We went back and watched the videos over and over again, and then we blew them up on the big screen to get a closer look. That made us even more freaked out, » Yuelling detailed. “It was really exciting, but I also got this strange, ominous feeling, like something was telling me to go back there. »

He noted, « I couldn’t go to sleep but I was creeped out, so I didn’t go.”

What do you think of the footage? Could it be apparitions caught on film? Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things horror and Star Wars!


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Actu monde – US – Bizarre Footage From Gettysburg Ignites Speculation About Ghostly Apparitions