EbeneInfo – AU – 2020 NFL MVP Watch, week 11: Patrick Mahomes takes the lead with the following NFC West quarterbacks


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Arguably the main contender for the entire season so far, Russell Wilson, saw his candidacy take another blow with a turnover-packed loss to divisional rival Los Angeles Rams Wilson’s Seahawks have now lost three of their last four games, a period in which Wilson threw seven interceptions and lost three fumbles He threw nine touchdown passes and ran another during that span, which, combined with his early-season league choke (123 of 169 for 1,502 yards, 19 touchdowns and just three interceptions in the top five. matches) was enough to keep it firmly in the mix in the first installment of our MVP watch series

That wasn’t quite enough to keep him in the top spot though, instead, he’s a former league MVP and Super Bowl champion whose team was actually saying goodbye to the week 10 which ends up in first place Patrick Mahomes, who rolled the Chiefs 8-1 and completed 67 percent of his passes averaging 82 yards per attempt, with 25 touchdowns and just one interception, leads all four of our panelists this week had Mahomes in the first place, making him one of two players who were in the same place every poll

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The other such player is Kyler Murray, third, who didn’t have his best game against the Bills on Sunday but picked up a win with arguably Game of the Year so far (I would have been interested to see how Murray’s position changed between last week and this week, given he played spectacularly well against the Dolphins in Week 9, but his team lost) Murray has his Cardinals in first place in NFC West with a 6-3 score, and he’s on pace for 4,222 passing yards, 1,073 rushing yards and 48 total touchdowns Yeah, he’s good

The only other player with more than one vote above fifth place was Aaron Rodgers Considering how Green Bay’s offseason has unfolded, it’s pretty impressive to find Rodgers here almost two-thirds of the season. The Packers didn’t go get him new guns Davante Adams missed two games Aaron Jones missed two games Allen Lazard missed a lot of time And Rodgers is still having his best season in years

It might be too reactionary to a bad couple game for Russell Wilson, but it just feels like things are moving this way Kyler is leaping with the Cardinals threatening NFC West’s top spot, while that former stalwarts Rodgers and Brady are just hanging out on the sidelines, ready to take a step if they can ensure the No 1 seed in the NFC Dalvin Cook would get an honorable mention here I guess

Mahomes is the best NFL player on the best offense in the NFL and he still quietly has a season MVP Maybe we expect too much for him and when he meets those expectations we don’t even notice it We should; he has 25 touchdowns, just one interception and he’s the first in value per game and total value among all quarterbacks, according to Football Outsiders

Wilson has come down to Earth in recent weeks after a scorching start in which he had 24 touchdowns and three picks in the last four starts, however, he’s thrown nine touchdowns against seven interceptions Still, we’re all ready to keep leaving Russ Cook – it’s the Seahawks’ best chance to beat a defense that has really struggled this season. The problem isn’t that Wilson’s turnovers are up, the problem is that if he’s not on the pitch the Seattle player looks like a two-win team

Murray has been more productive than the 2019 MVP so far, Lamar Jackson was a year ago for the first two months of the season, and Jackson was essentially a weekly highlights movie. Murray has been more inclined to run in 2020 and it has served him well, and unlike Jackson, he avoids big hits He’s still working as a passer, but there’s no denying he’s electric, and that electricity has a lot to do with having the cards tied at the top of the division with the Seahawks and Rams

Similar to Mahomes, we only really notice Rodgers if he’s not playing at Hall of Fame level And unlike Mahomes, he does so with essentially a target Admittedly, Davante Adams is one of the top three leavers in the football, but imagine if, for example, the Packers landed Will Fuller before the trade deadline They haven’t, and instead Rodgers is more than just settling for what he’s got, which equates to a ton of touchdowns, virtually no turnover and plenty of wins for Green Bay.

We were set to have Allen at No 3 on our roster then the Hail Murray happened on Sunday But it’s easy to say Allen’s direct touchdown to Stefon Diggs was a much harder throw than the uprising and Murray’s hope from midfielder Allen started the season strong, hit a lull for a few weeks and is now back, playing as a legitimate MVP contender

I don’t know how it went, but Patrick Mahomes has kind of gone under the radar this season As we all watched Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray, Mahomes has been busy putting together maybe his best season ever. all-time with 25 touchdowns and one interception in 10 weeks I have Rodgers second on this list because he continues to put up incredible numbers even though he basically only has one receiver to throw. As for Dalvin Cook, I felt I had to put someone who wasn’t a quarterback on this list and he single-handedly carried the Vikings to the dawn of the NFC playoff race.

I feel pretty justified in taking Mahomes ahead of the season as other people were trying to get fancy. Don’t go watch my tweets about Russ as MVP from weeks 1-5! I’ve always been all about Mahomes! Seriously though, the guy is ridiculous and Wilson’s job is still better than any of the next guys, despite the absurd volume of turnover in recent weeks. Murray is basically doing Lamar Jackson stuff as a runner and passer this year He’s really good And Rodgers has just been a little more consistent than Brady or Allen this season so he gets the nod in front of them here

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EbeneInfo – AU – 2020 NFL MVP Watch, week 11: Patrick Mahomes takes the lead with quarterbacks at NFC West, next in line

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