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England’s Jonny May (right) is tackled by Ireland’s Chris Farrell in the home side’s Fall Nations Cup victory at Twickenham yesterday Photo: PA

Losing four at the trot to England isn’t the kind of statistic, so sends you headfirst in the record books looking for precedents It’s not uncommon, the most recent being 2011- 2014 The smart little trick they pulled with that streak of results is to disguise it as a close thing Granted, it wasn’t the bombing at Twickenham before last year’s World Cup, but if in a few years you had to research the bare facts in this 2019 and 2020 game, you wouldn’t automatically come away thinking the scores of 24-12 and 18-7 were unbalanced matters

We’ve all been involved in scoring dressed games like these where it was tight and folded With this pair though – the Six Nations defeat in February and that fall Nations Cup draw – Ireland was naked This is how Eddie Jones planned it

His only concern last week was complacency So how do you protect yourself against that? Check out the coaching manual and he tells you to fatten up the opposition Joe Schmidt might bore you with his ability to name all the opposing players with a nuclear threat, when in fact they couldn’t get the milk back from the stores to the House

Jones just questioned Ireland’s nationality with his ‘United Nations’ line Well, he doesn’t really have All the best bars on the team, Argentina and Africa. South, exploited World Rugby’s rules before they changed, but Jones knew the Fourth Estate would work with anyway. So he threw him into the mix It allowed him to tell his players how offended Ireland was by the insult Irish management played their part in giving him air Meanwhile, in England , the stage was set: don’t mess with the guys – the Oirish boys are crazy

Next is the to-do list Double team the porters in green Challenge the blackout Slow ball for that UN ambassador for scrum-halfs Jamison Gibson-Park Let’s see how fast he zips up when he has to dig up the ball Let’s see how aggressively they wear when our line of defense is not only set, it’s positively impatient Let’s see how much oxygen they lose when we impact It all stems – or, in this case, doesn’t – from that

« When playing with a slow ball the last thing you can do is keep moving back 20 yards, » Andy Farrell said afterwards. « So you send forward into a brick wall You don’t generate a fastball »

It’s not like he hasn’t warned his players what will happen if they don’t get some free movement in their phase of play. Awesome The other half of that equation is to provide some sort of form that could slow down England’s line of defense In the second half, Ireland got some traction when Conor Murray came in and selected men eight to 10 meters wide But in the first half, when the markers were set, Gibson-Park bounced off the back of the blackout looking for something to happen, a bit of pre-planned action to loosen a few bricks in the wall. White Not much is happening.It would have been better placed and move on, as the effect was to further reduce the time to reflect further down the line

None of this is easy On a fairly calm day for Billy Vunipola, the sheer terror of stepping into the ring with his tag team of Sam Underhill and Tom Curry was a spectacle in itself By comparison, the back row from Ireland was blitz

The flickering light of hope was extinguished in the first half with the centerpiece The scrum was bypassed The roster was a raft on the high seas When England was 5-0, thanks to a series of unfortunate events ending with a nice kick from Owen Farrell to expose Hugo Keenan – who managed to put on a great game despite everything – Ireland had a chance of points A penalty within reach of Ross Byrne A score 5-3 wouldn’t have looked so bad Ireland went to touch down, lost the roster and conceded a second time to the official man of the match, Jonny May, at the other end of the pitch All things considered, it was game over

It was hardly a mountain deficit, but the effort and quality to revise it was alpine As an indicator of the disparity in quality, consider the face to face between Maro Itoje and James Ryan

In the white corner sits one of the best players in the world, perhaps particularly gifted in his skill set In the green corner sits one of Ireland’s best players Ryan would be respected in the world of rugby Not the same Itoje would be feared – not for his advantage that could send you out in an accident and emergency, but rather for his ability to take your game apart

So, in the middle of the first half, Ireland have a rare attacking platform via a roster There’s nothing wrong with the call, the throw, the elevator Ryan l ‘grabs it safely Then it endures the rugby equivalent of being hacked Itoje doesn’t make the common mistake in this scenario – dragging your opponent’s arm No, it goes straight to the point where the hacker names their prize – politely even He steals Ryan without attacking him

A few minutes later, the tables are turned England have an attacking roster and Itoje calls the ball on himself Ireland’s defense is not bad They fly Ryan through the air He challenges, but unlike the experienced hacker, it is detected and ends up grabbing Itoje’s arm These are small margins with high prices Penalty England

Another chapter in the same story: in the middle of the third quarter, at which point England are running the scoreboard – the equivalent of death by a thousand cuts – and Ireland has a preview some advances Rob Herring, just in the field, does an assisted portage Ryan, first in, goes off cleaning the ruck

His alarm had been triggered by the presence of Billy Vunipola, lurking at the edge of the stage When Billy locks up, it’s like this scene from Alien when the creature settles on John Hurt’s face So Ryan reacts , Vunipola steps aside, claiming Ryan has stopped a fair contest, and referee Pascal Gauzerre buys the dummy Ryan’s technically illegal action had no material effect Nevertheless, England penalty Another painful cut

Afterwards, you were hoping Andy Farrell didn’t put the lines for « winning the second half » in the search engine, but in his efforts to be positive, that’s where he went. better leave where it is

One has to wonder what the coach learned from this game The advantage might not be deeper than the bruises caused by playing a much better team, having the same messages pierced at the back. home So he knew in advance that Andrew Porter was an athlete with a motor; that Keenan has real potential; that Keith Earls is no longer a top quality test wing but whose competitiveness refuses to accept that He will also recognize the lack of instinct of CJ Stander and Caelan Doris, Earls’ first responders when he made his wonderful break: one of them needed to pass the ball, save the momentum, not secure the ruck Ireland conceded a penalty in the next phase

Farrell also knows that if she gets half a chance Chris Farrell will offer a win line What happens next is really not good And that’s what kept England in the driver’s seat, a free hand to change the channel, secure enough to throw in some glimpses of the passing campaign

Under these circumstances you don’t win the second half: you try to take the offered points when the door is open It wasn’t very often To their credit, Ireland chose not to read the fine print on that one and kept trying The bench played better than it looked, without having anyone as boring or efficient as England substitute Ben Earl

For a view of the next harvest in the Irish field, Georgia is around the corner It will take time


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EbeneInfo – AU – Brendan Fanning: « One might wonder what Andy Farrell learned from this game  »

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