EbeneInfo – AU – Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino insists Jota is not a personal rival


Posted: 07:54 GMT, 22 November 2020 | Updated: 12:16 GMT, November 22, 2020

Roberto Firmino insists he does not see Diogo Jota as a personal rival and believes Liverpool’s attack will get better and better with the Portuguese in the squad

Jota, 23, has made a brilliant start to his Liverpool career since his £ 41million transfer from Wolves this summer, scoring seven goals in 11 appearances

He puts pressure on Brazilian Firmino for his place alongside Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah in the much-vaunted Liverpool striker

Roberto Firmino (right) insists there is no personal rivalry between him and Diogo Jota (left) as they vie for a place in Liverpool’s attacking line

Jota has made an impressive start to life at Liverpool with seven goals in 11 outings so far

Bur Firmino, who has scored only once in 12 outings this season so far, doesn’t see competition as a problem

He said: «  Liverpool have a great squad of players so winning a starting position here is not easy at all, and I’m used to it

‘We work hard during the week, then the coach decides who goes out So I don’t have a personal battle with him

Liverpool’s attack line is spectacular, and I would say comparable to any other in the world, in one of the major leagues

Roberto Firmino has only scored once in 12 outings for Liverpool so far in the campaign

‘This year, I see it’s even better And it’s not the emotion that makes me say that, but simply the result of looking at the statistics

‘As for me, I work hard in training – then on the pitch I do what Jurgen Klopp tells me.This is my working philosophy, always’

Liverpool host Leicester City on Sunday night as they aim to keep pace with Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea atop the Premier League table

Klopp played all four forwards in their last outing, a 1-1 draw with Manchester City

With Salah having tested positive for Covid-19, it is possible that Firmino and Jota will be included in the squad to take on Leicester

Jota scored in all four of Liverpool’s appearances before the draw against City, including an impressive hat-trick against Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League

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EbeneInfo – AU – Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino insists Jota is not a personal rival

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