EbeneInfo – AU – Who is The Block’s controversial $ 12 million mega-buyer?


It has been called â ???? nuisance but one man dominated the day of The Block’s auction, spending nearly $ 12 million in the process

A man topped auction day on The Block this year, bidding fiercely on every house and buying three in the process

So who is Danny Wallis, the mysterious man with deep pockets who spent nearly $ 12 million in one day on The Block?

The super-rich IT entrepreneur will be a familiar face to Block fans – he bought the property from Mitch and Mark last season for $ 3374 million, having bid on all five properties

This year he bought the house of Sarah and George for $ 4million and two thousand dollars, to be exact (the unusual auctions are sort of a hallmark for Wallis), Daniel and Jade for $ 3million and $ 8million, and Harry and Tash for $ 4 million

Although he lost on the other two homes for sale this year, he fought well – in one breathtaking moment, he upped the bid on Jimmy and Tam’s house by almost a million dollars in one offer

Viewers stranded with longer memories may recall Wallis’ flamboyant antics during the show’s 2012 South Melbourne season, where he bought one of the properties for $ 1.4 million while he was flanked by women wearing T-shirts featuring his company logo

It was this move and his penchant for bizarre and confusing offers that saw him labeled « bit boring » by Block’s buyer lawyer Frank Valentic at last year’s auctions

But Wallis had his own words: he insisted he had never even watched The Block and complained that the auction was « slow » and « stupid »

« Danny is a local businessman here in Melbourne… We saw him before at a Block auction, and he has a tactic to confuse everyone in the crowd, » the host explained. of Block Shelley Craft in last year’s final, after Wallis offered an offer that left the auctioneer puzzled: $ 3,308,050 The auctioneer joked that it was « 3,308,000 $ and half a liter of gasoline « 

But not all showy stunts: he allegedly let Ronald McDonald charities use his 2012 Blockhouse for free for several years after buying it

Starting his career at ANZ, Wallis then founded IT service management company DWS in 1991, which has since grown to include offices in Australia and New Zealand Wallis is the CEO and Managing Director

And that may explain why Wallis was so keen to flash money on The Block this year: In September, DWS was bought by Indian tech giant HCL Technologies for $ 126 million in cash

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EbeneInfo – AU – Who is The Block’s controversial $ 12 million mega-buyer?
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