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Dublin captain Stephen Cluxton and his teammates lay a wreath after the Leinster GAA Senior Football Championship final to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bloody Sunday Photo by Stephen McCarthy / Sportsfile

CROKE Park marked Bloody Sunday last night, a terrible moment in Irish history, and a few Meathmen had convinced me, in preparation for the Leinster final, that we might see a different kind of historic moment when the match has started

They were talking about a good game and confident Meath would put on a serious show No chance Dublin just wiped out Meath because they had the kind of hunger, power, pace and class you think would show a team looking for their first All-Ireland

This team is going for their eighth All-Ireland in ten years And they show no signs of stopping or giving in

Last night’s victory came as we failed to kick off two of last year’s All-Star squad, Brian Howard and Paul Mannion, or the man who scored seven points in Dublin’s semi-final against Laois at Cormac Costello

As a Dublin man I am so proud of this team They are not only the best Dublin team ever, they are the best ever

Their skills, their class, their deadly finishes and, above all, their willingness to work, set them apart from all the others

But as a Leinster man, I am saddened by what I saw at headquarters last night What is the state of football in our province if Meath could play at Wicklow and Kildare in the last fortnight, scoring goals everywhere?

And yet it happens to them on the biggest stage They were never in the contest after the first ten minutes

Leinster football is surely at its lowest level right now and that is not good for the future of football across the province and the country as well

Teams will surely be demoralized when the only interest in the second half game was whether Meath would improve his tally by four points from last year’s final

Remember that Dublin will be the only Leinster team in the Allianz League Premier League next season

So last night wasn’t just a one-time event, it just confirmed what we have known for some time

Once upon a time a Dublin-Meath match in the middle of summer was the toughest game in the country Whoever won it was judged just for cutting All-Ireland to the right Now Dublin-Meath is not at all a rivalry It’s a massacre!

You have to think that right now either Meath or Kildare are looking at three or four years of hard work to close the gap with Dublin at senior level It certainly won’t happen in a year

It’s going to take this time, this minimum, before they can even dream of destroying a county that, remember, played in the All-Ireland Under-20 final last year and will play in the this year’s decision maker, whenever it takes place Dublin also has a lot of talent over these three or four years

New Dublin boss Dessie Farrell will have learned relatively little from this destruction and now lead his side in an all-Ireland semi-final against the Ulster champions on Saturday week

He’ll be annoyed by Costello’s expulsion and worry that Sean Bugler ended the game by squeezing the back of his leg.But if they miss the semi-final, he can just start Howard and bring in Mannion or Kevin McManamon Considering my relationship with Cavan, I would love to think the Ulster final could be against Breffni’s men and I think they will put on a big show in Armagh this afternoon They are a very determined team that made it through the big day in Ulster the hard way

But you must suspect that it will be Donegal who will come for this semi-final

They are the last team to beat Dublin in the Championship, in the 2014 All-Ireland semi-finals, and they are playing well this year without relying too much on the brilliant Michael Murphy

If one day comes soon, who knows what Donegal might do But it’s for another day

Last night a brilliant Dublin side showed how good and good they are while keeping a large number of players with multiple medals from all over Ireland on the bench

Croke Park in 1920 was truly the worst of times, but these are the best times for Dublin football and last night was another wonderful sight to put alongside the ones they’ve produced in recent years seasons

This is really a special group that is not sated making a five in a row All-Ireland They have more targets ahead of them And would you bet against them to get what they want?

I wouldn’t because they are such special people, highlighted by what they did at the end, bringing a wreath to lay at the place where Michael Hogan died 100 years ago

Gaelic football

Everything has changed in the world in 2020 apart from the ritual annihilation of the Dublin footballers’ opponents in the Leinster final

Gaelic football


The Bloody Sunday torches stood in a shining and respectful sentry on Hill 16 as, below, on a night scorched by history’s evil, Dublin’s eternal flame was lit

Gaelic football


Ancient civilizations collapsed, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Egyptians and many more Decay began from within and they became easy prey for their enemies Cavan and Meath have similarities in the world of football Once kings of everything they investigated, the sands of time have shifted unfavorably

Gaelic football


Image is grainy, but it’s the best they can get Two men in white coats standing, one at each goal post, at the end of Hill 16 at Croke Park The one on the left is Eddie McCarthy, an experienced referee, 50 years old The one on the right is his son, Séamus, 21 Far from being so experienced A few years later, Jimmy Magee was asked if he knew the first father and son acting to referee a football final in Ireland Bansha’s McCarthy pair was the right answer He got it


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