EbeneInfo – CA – Finn raises allegations against Liam when they disregard his night with Steffy


Thursday, 14 January 2021: Today Hope hides the truth from Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful, Vinny visits Thomas and Steffy runs into Hope

In the cliff house, Steffy sees Kelly and Amelia on the way to the aquarium Liam comes and reveals that Hope knows everything. Steffy also told Finn. They recap that Hope and Finn deserved to know the truth and that the baby Liam or Finn could be.She hopes Finn will forgive her and is annoyed that, if the baby is his, she stole that pure joyful moment from him to find out he will be a father.Liam hopes it will work out for her, Steffy suspects that Hope did not forgive

Liam says that the hardest thing was getting to Hope. He explains that she was ready to try again after learning that they had slept together but then he had to tell her Steffy is pregnant. He worries if he is the dad they might not make it Steffy will take a paternity test. She concludes if the child is Liam or Finn, it will be a great dad have

Steffy goes to work when Liam puts something in Kelly’s room. Liam stops to look at the portrait on the wall when Finn comes in from the kitchen door. He asks, « What the hell are you doing here? » He would look for Liam and confront him with his so-called reasons for what had happened. Why didn’t he walk into Thomas’ apartment when he thought he was kissing Hope? Finn suggests that Liam was looking for an excuse to come see Steffy. Liam stammered a refusal, but Finn dismissed that Liam didn’t care that Steffy was in a committed relationship, and goddamn it, that he didn’t care taking care of his vows to his wife!

In Brooke’s living room, Hope drinks coffee. Her mother appears, thinks she looks exhausted and realizes what a great job she and Liam are doing to raise Beth and Douglas. They are giving Thomas’ son a loving and safe home. She continues that Steffy is serious about the new man in her life – this should be a peaceful time for her and Liam Hope doesn’t want to talk about it now Brooke asks: « Is something wrong? »

Hope talks about finally dropping her guard with Liam and then throwing a curveball Brooke assumes that she is talking about Thomas’ medical crisis and reassures her Hope thanks while listening and goes to the office

At Forrester Creations, Thomas’ buddy Vinny walks into the main office Thomas says delighted it’s good to see him Vinny says it’s good to see him too, adding, « We could have lost you Vinny laughs at Thomas and already working away He would have visited earlier but work was crazy Thomas wasn’t much for visitor anyway. Vinny wonders that when he heard Thomas had a brain injury he thought he was a Goner Thomas credits Hope for having her saved him

A bottle of pills falls out of Vinny’s pocket as he checks his cell phone The conversation revolves around Hope’s relationship with Liam Hope arrives at the door on time and hears Thomas say that she deserves a man who is committed to her and her only feels

Hope enters the main office and they go over Thomas’ health fear again. Vinny goes and Thomas repeats to Hope that she saved his life. When Thomas starts crossing the line, Hope falls out. He asks if something is wrong right Suddenly Steffy Thomas appears and lets her talk when asked

Steffy closes the office door and apologizes to Hope – it was a big misunderstanding « If Liam could go back « interrupts Hope « Would he? » She thinks it’ll all be clear Hope scolds the portrait that’s still hanging in her house and thinks she’d love a makeover « Admit it You finally got what you wanted Another chance with Liam Another chance with. » my husband ”

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EbeneInfo – CA – Finn Levels allegations at Liam’s when they and Steffy disregard his night
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