EbeneInfo – CA – Madrid is digging out of the garbage and damaged trees created after the storm


MADRID – (AP) – With most of Madrid’s streets still covered with piles of ice and snow, the Spanish capital began addressing the problem of litter on the streets and tens of thousands of trees and on Thursday Branches blocking the sidewalk less than a week after Storm Filomena

The Madrid city government estimated on Thursday that Filomena caused at least 1.4 billion euros7 billion) damage

Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida said the storm had 150000 trees damaged The large parks, including the Retiro Park in the heart of the city and the huge Casa de Campo Park on the western outskirts of Madrid, suffered as a result

Martínez-Almeida said the city had 1250 tons of snow (1378 U) calculated S. Tons) fell non-stop for 30 hours during the storm’s peak Friday and Saturday, adding that it was Madrid’s heaviest snowfall in a century

Fortunately, the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe, survived almost unscathed

Gardener Mariano Sánchez said only 36 of his many thousands of trees had been damaged, while most of the species in the collection survived intact, laboratory work had to be done to rescue two special trees that were badly damaged, a Chilean pepper tree from the 18th Century

Sánchez said it was sad to see that years of work were almost interrupted in hours, but he was glad that « the damage in the garden was not too great »

He reduced much of the storm damage to Madrid’s trees to a systematic annual pruning, a process that, in his opinion, ripped the urban trees of their strength

« This is absurd and needs to stop, » Sánchez told The Associated Press The policy of planting too many trees too close together is not helping, he said

While garbage trucks were unable to carry out collections in the first few days after the storm, rubbish piled up across the city and spilled over public and household bins

The mayor said the garbage collection is back on track but it will likely take several days for Madrid to look normal again

Martínez-Almeida said the “snow tsunami” in Madrid justified his request to the national government to declare the city a disaster zone in order to receive financial support for the repair of building and infrastructure damage

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Madrid, Spain

EbeneInfo – CA – Madrid is digging out of the garbage after the storm and damaged trees
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Source: https://www.570news.com/2021/01/14/madrid-digs-way-out-of-post-storm-garbage-damaged-trees/

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