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NCIS spoilers have already been revealed about the big cast change that will take place during season 18

There had been previous rumors from NCIS that one of the main cast members would leave at the end of season 17, but due to the coronavirus pandemic halting production of new episodes, the season has been cut short

Now season 18 had started, although the first episode of the new season left a few viewers confused and frustrated about the direction of the show

Yet at least NCIS has returned to television, offering CBS viewers something new to watch every Tuesday night

Actress Maria Bello, who plays special agent Jacqueline « Jack » Sloane on NCIS, joined the series in season 15 At the time, she signed a three-year contract, with the intention of leave at the end of season 17

The good news is that Bello didn’t decide to just leave the series on hold when the Season 17 episodes were discontinued. Instead, she agreed to return for some of the Season 18 episodes, allowing writers to close the book on the character in the right way

Now Sloane is set to appear in eight episodes of Season 18, with his official departure date out of the blue.This means it will be some time before his final episode airs, but fans are well aware of this. ‘advance that the exit approaches

How will Sloane leave NCIS? It’s shrouded in a lot of mystery There had been previous rumors from NCIS about a romantic relationship developing between Sloan and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) but it never really happened on the show.

The NCIS season premiere began with an intriguing scene that still raises questions in viewers Gibbs was predicted to shoot McGee (Sean Murray) on an airport runway, without much information to accompany this scene

It was assumed that more information would be explained later in the episode, but the writers left this plot point unresolved. We’ll all have to tune in to future episodes to find out exactly why Gibbs and McGee were at the airport

In the meantime, we’ll also be watching closely as we try to figure out how Sloane leaves the Will She Be Killed series to seal her fate? Or will she have a happy ending? Maybe a long-term official reunion with her daughter awaits you?

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EbeneInfo – CA – NCIS spoilers: major actor leaving the series in season 18

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