EbeneInfo – CA – Salary cap update: VanVleet stays in Toronto, but Ibaka leaves


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One entry, one exit How does that change the image of the Raptors as they uncover the rest of the free agency image this year?

Let’s review where Toronto is now contractually – if not geographically – with Fred VanVleet back and Serge Ibaka at the door.The salary cap situation is about to change quickly again, but we’ll see how everything this will end up looking for the Raptors

Fred VanVleet has re-signed with the Raptors for four years and $ 85 million Year 4 is an option for players, and as we predicted, the Raptors have requested that year two be the salary lower

We’ve covered this before, but as a reminder, a contract’s salary can vary from year to year, with year-to-year change being limited to a small percentage of the contractor’s salary. first year (for a bird Royalty Free Agent like Fred, eight percent of the first year salary) So his $ 21 25 million freshman salary can drop to $ 19 55 million in the significant second year (the year the Raptors hope they have room to add maximum free agent salary) Then he goes up to $ 21.25million in year three, and his fourth year player option will be worth $ 22.95million

It’s worth considering that Fred will almost certainly turn down this player option and sign a longer term deal unless something serious like an injury derails his career at that point. Which means those first three years match the actual expected length of the contract, which brings down his effective average salary to $ 21.25 million to 20 $ 7 million Quite reasonable, I say

The other news of course is that Serge Ibaka has signed with the Clippers All that means for the image below is that we don’t need to consider a potential contract for him And that we have to find something central for this season

We now know that Fred’s hat has hit the books this year. We can also add the salaries of Flynn and Harris after writing them up a few days ago; although they are not technically signed, all signs indicate that they will be on the list in a month

In any case, the concern this season is not the cap, but the tax, as we have covered here

The Raptors are now about $ 20 6million under the tax line They have to fill two or three places with that money because they have 12 players on the roster and the roster size though 14-15 players

This money will likely go pretty much exclusively to frontcourt players, as the Raptors are really lacking crosses right now.

My recommendation would be to get Marc Gasol back on a one-year contract at any salary needed (probably $ 10-15 million) and then try to add a younger trial piece to play minutes backup somewhere between $ 5 million and $ 8 million, depending on gasoline cost This could be an MLE (mid-level exception) target like Harry Giles or bring Chris Boucher back over a year to prove me a deal to see how he fares with a more coherent role

I have withheld around $ 900,000 from the MLE above because it makes sense for teams to use part of their MLE to sign their second round picks Using the Minimum Wage Exception (which allows teams to sign any player with a minimum wage regardless of the cap) limits a contract to two years.With MLE, a minimum signing can be three years, which in the case of a rookie, let them complete their restricted free agent contract with full bird rights

The big question is how this will impact the Raptors’ bid for a maximum wage free agent next summer. Well, they’ve planned it right

As noted above, Fred’s bid easily drops to $ 19.55 million in the summer of 2021, a detail that should tell you that the Raptors front office is indeed targeting a free agent very heavily this summer. free that will go unnamed, as these poor Bucks fans shouldn’t have to suffer more than their own goofy front office puts them through

With that deal in place and assuming a first-round pick next year at around 20th place overall, the Raptors are lined up to have $ 34 million in the cap to sign free agents The maximum salary of a leading career player is projected at $ 33 7 million Well done

The plan is still in place, the signing is good Now just make sure that any additional signings to run the central post only last one year (or are not guaranteed in future years) and that the prospects are good

Another unknown hanging over the Raptors right now is Terence Davis We don’t know if the team is trading or giving him up His pay isn’t guaranteed, so he would just be taken off the books anyway


If that happens, it opens an additional $ 6 million rooms under tax this year, but increases the number of players we need to add

And the numbers above for 2021 assume his $ 2million cap is on the books, so if that goes away and is replaced by an empty roster one-time charge, the Raptors are clearing another $ 1.1 million leeway under the ceiling

And here’s just a little reminder of the likely backup plan for the summer of 2021 The Raptors are currently in line to land a free agency superstar If they are successful, great, but it will mean giving up their player rights like Kyle Lowry, Norman Powell and all the one-year contracts they sign in the offseason But if you can land this big fish, that’s the price you pay

But if the Raptors strike, and not only does summer’s biggest superstar go elsewhere, but other targets fail as well, they actually have a pretty solid backup plan. They can just re-sign these guys they were going to have to let walk Kyle Lowry can fly to sunset with a deal with a term to stay Norman Powell can get a raise here And any young (or veteran) great signed this summer can also be kept if it is not worth much more than the MLE

Something to keep in mind for the rest of the offseason, and when considering the potential cost of signing this great free agent, the backup plan goes with that cost, and it doesn’t. never hurts to have a backup plan

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EbeneInfo – CA – Salary cap update: VanVleet stays in Toronto, but Ibaka leaves

Source: https://www.raptorshq.com/2020/11/22/21589463/salary-cap-update-toronto-raptors-free-agency-fred-vanvleet-ibaka

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