EbeneInfo – CA – What really happened when Michael Fagan broke into the Queen’s bedroom?


It was one of the worst royal security breaches of the 20th century, and even led the Home Secretary to offer his resignation

Now the infamous Buckingham Palace heist arrives on the small screen, as Netflix recreates the moment Michael Fagan entered the Queen’s bedroom in 1982

Fagan will be played by Tom Brooke, best known for his role as Angel Fiore in Amazon’s Preacher, and also known to Sherlock fans as Bill Wiggins

The episode involving Fagan opens with news reports after he broke into and managed to speak to the Queen But he was actually able to enter the palace on another occasion, when the queen was at Windsor Castle

The Crown shows Fagan and the Queen talking for a while, suggesting that Fagan wanted to tell him what was really going on in the UK It is discovered when a member of staff brings in the morning cup of tea from the queen and she asks him to summon the policeman

Fagan has spoken of the night several times over the years, including in a 2012 interview in which he told the story of the break-in in his own words

He described the Queen’s reaction to seeing him in her bedroom: “Then she talks and it’s like the thinnest glass you can imagine breaking: ‘Wawrt are you doing here ?!’

He also made a contradictory report on whether the Queen had a conversation with him while she waited for security, saying, “No! She walked past me and ran out of the room; her little bare feet on the ground « 

Fagan, now 70, said he was taken care of by an unarmed footman until police arrived

He told the Independent on Sunday, “The footman came over and said, ‘Horn, the fuck you look like you need a drink’ His name was [Paul] Whybrew, that’s a funny name for someone to buy you a drink, right?

« He took me to the Queen’s pantry, across the landing, where I guess she cooks her beans and toast and everything – and takes a bottle of Famous Grouse on the shelf and pour me a glass of whiskey « 

This unarmed footman still works for the Queen and is considered one of her most trusted collaborators Nicknamed ‘great Paul,’ Whybrew has been a vital part of Sa’s coronavirus quarantine bubble Majesty

In August 2020, Fagan spoke to The Sun about the event, giving a colorful description of his arrest

He said: « Working at Buckingham Palace is a pre-retirement assignment, opening and closing the doors, and it’s clear the two policemen who come to me haven’t made an arrest in years

« One had his hat crooked, while the other patted his pockets for a notebook »

Fagan explained that he broke into the palace because he « was obsessed with the queen »

He added: « I knew she liked helping people and thought she could help me I wanted to talk to her but I never planned to end up in her room »

Fagan also denied reports that he intended to cut himself in front of the Queen, saying the reason he smashed an ashtray and took a piece with him was to cut through a pigeon net leaving the palace

Speaking in 2012, he also claimed that he had broken into the palace a month earlier, urinated « on the corgi food » and drank wine he found in the bedroom. prince charles

The Crown suggests that Fagan came up with the idea after going to his MP and finding him unfriendly to his struggles

Fagan character tells Queen Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is ruining the country

But Fagan said he had no explanation for his break-in, even decades later He says he was frustrated with unemployment and his marriage breakdown

He admits he shared anti-Thatcher sentiment, telling the Telegraph: « A lot of people thought like that She hurt children a lot She was like Trump »

According to the police report, published in the New York Times in 1982, Fagan was seen on the palace gates at 6:45 a.m. on July 9, 1982

After failing to enter the palace one way, he climbed the drainage pipe and entered the palace through a window that had been left open

He toured the palace for 15 minutes He was seen by a member of staff, however, she did not think his behavior was suspicious, so no alarm was triggered

He entered the queen’s room around 7:15 a.m. and woke her up when he moved her curtains

The report explains that even though the Queen sounded the alarm, it didn’t get anyone’s attention as the night officer was done, the maid was cleaning another room, and the footman was walking around dogs

Then she called the police lodge and asked for a policeman, but six minutes later she had to call again because no one arrived

The report says, « Before the police arrived, Her Majesty caught the attention of the maid and together they led Fagan to a nearby pantry under the pretext of providing him with a cigarette. »

The conclusion is that it was a series of police failures that allowed Fagan to enter the palace

However, with the window open, the lack of functional alarms and the easy-to-assemble drain hose also contributed, the report says.

The Guardian reported at the time: ‘His penetration into private apartments is unprecedented since Queen Victoria’s reign, and has challenged another network of wires and beams that are theoretically sounding an alarm at Scotland Yard though someone makes an unauthorized entry through a door or window « 

Fagan was not charged with the burglary as it was ruled that it was a civil, not a criminal case

He was charged with the alleged theft of wine in the first break-in he claimed, but the charges were later dropped

The incident led then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw to offer to resign However, the Queen refused her resignation

Two police officers were dismissed from their duties at the palace and one was suspended Security has been stepped up, with increased patrols of private apartments

The palace is not discussing security arrangements at the moment, so it is impossible to say for sure if measures have intensified since

A change in the law means that breaking and entering would now be considered a criminal offense

Fagan went to jail in 1982, but on charges unrelated to the palace break-in He served his sentence in Brixton Prison for assault and carjacking

He was also sent to Park Lane Secure Hospital in 1982, but only stayed there for about 19 weeks

In 1983, he took a musical turn by recording a cover of God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols, with the punk group Bollock Brothers

In 1984, two years after the break-in, Fagan attacked a policeman in Fishguard, Wales, and was given a suspended prison sentence

Three years later, according to The Independent, Fagan was found guilty of indecent exposure after a woman saw him running without pants in Chingford, Essex

Ten years after this incident, in 1997, Fagan, his wife and their son, were convicted of conspiracy to supply heroin, and Fagan served four years in prison

According to the Irish Times, after being sentenced, Fagan told the judge: « Have a good Christmas »

In 2011, Fagan appeared in a Banksy documentary called The Antics Roadshow, which focused on pranks or events that have become iconic

He recounted what happened that day with the Queen and told the producers: « I looked her in the eye, they were dark »

In 2012, the event was featured on the small screen in a comedy starring Emma Thompson titled Walking the Dogs

According to one review, he followed « the queen, her footman and the intruder during the dramatic half hour he spends in his room »

The reviewer adds: « The absurdity of these two people brought together by such an extraordinary event is intriguing and captivating, but even more so the fact that the queen, a woman of such untouchable status, is reduced to a human being. normal and sympathetic who listens and advises a man in distress

“When they talk about love, happiness and personal freedom, we are reminded of how different and yet similar people can be, and we get a glimpse of the bigger picture from a point of view. exterior view « 

Fagan now lives in Islington, north London, with his partner Rhian He has three great-grandchildren

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