EbeneInfo – GB – Katie Hopkins joins UKIP leadership competition on time


The right-wing media figure was greeted by the Eurosceptic Party today in an announcement on Twitter

In a video posted on the party’s Facebook page, the 45-year-old said she would join the group to « stand with ordinary Brits »

Hopkins claimed she was « maybe a fucking hole, but I’m not such a fucking hole » compared to other politicians

« People always ask me when I get into politics, when I am doing something smarter than just jumping out on social media, » she explained

She continued, « But I see the time just being on social media and just having opinions is running out and it’s probably time for someone like me who’s on the tip end of the spear most of the time to do more from a formalized standpoint

« And I’m tired of seeing my compatriots get dejected for taking a walk or trying to have a cup of tea. And I’m not happy that people are locked in their own homes

« And I will certainly no longer tolerate the fact that so many people cannot say what they think and even stop saying things when they think so because they know they will turn out to be wrong or someone will try »take something for us »

Rules in the party prevent new members from standing up for the leadership, but by joining it could have a greater impact on who takes the job

The new competition comes after Freddy Vaccha was removed from the post in September and has since been replaced by former Tory MP Neil Hamilton

Hamilton was the seventh person to take the helm of UKIP since Farage stepped down in 2016

The party said Vachha had been removed just over three months after he took office « pending a formal investigation into a complaint of bullying, harassment, verbal abuse and other conduct that could discredit the party »

Hopkins’ commitment to UKIP comes when Laurence Fox formed a political group and Nigel Farage renamed the Brexit party as Reform UK

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EbeneInfo – GB – Katie Hopkins joins UKIP in time for the leadership contest
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Katie Hopkins Joins UKIP In Time For Leadership Competition
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Katie Hopkins joins UKIP at & # 39; get up with ordinary Brits& # 39;
Katie Hopkins joins UKIP in time for & party’s leadership contest

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