EbeneInfo – GB – League of Legends: TSM adds PowerOfEvil to LCS list


The SoloMid team announces the signing of PowerOfEvil, who will take over as mid laner for the LCS 2021 season

The SoloMid team have added Tristan « PowerOfEvil » Schrage to their League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) roster ahead of the 2021 season The German player will take the place of the middle lane, left vacant after the departure of Søren « Bjergsen »Bjerg last month

It’s time for a new era Please welcome the new #TSM LCS Mid Laner, @PowerOfEvilLoL 🤝 imageTwittercom / re5Fjb4nrx

PowerOfEvil first joined the LCS in 2018, when he signed with OpTic Gaming The mid laner then joined CLG in 2019 before landing with FlyQuest for the 2020 season PowerOfEvil placed third in the 2019 summer division and second in the 2020 spring and summer divisions He attended the 2020 world championship with FlyQuest, where the team was eliminated in 9-12th place

Prior to joining the LCS, PowerOfEvil represented Origen and Misfits in the EU LCS Under the Misfits banner, the German player finished second in the 2017 summer division before entering this year’s World Championship. The team reached the quarter-finals, narrowly losing to eventual top finalists SK Telecom T1

The 23-year-old succeeds Bjergsen, who left the team in October Bjergsen will remain with the organization as co-owner and as head coach of the team

In the announcement video, PowerOfEvil says he can’t wait to win a split national title He also says he wants to « [show] everyone that NA is capable of breaking out groups, » after that not a single North American team made it to the play-off at the 2020 World Championship

PowerOfEvil will debut for TSM in the 2021 LCS season, which is slated to begin early next year

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EbeneInfo – GB – League of Legends: TSM adds PowerOfEvil to LCS list
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