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    You want to be on the left side of the fairway if possible, but there is a bunker that you need to avoid Once there, you cannot go to the left of the green, because then you might be looking bogey or worse Always happy with a par on this opener

    There are two ways to play this and it often depends on the wind Either run over a driver on the bunker, then go for the green with a long iron or lay down and with your second find your perfect distance to a corner of the valley with your third Birdie is on your mind

    Another hole that gives you options, which is usually governed where the pin is This is only a short par-foursome and if the hole is cut to the right you can do that or maybe only have one shot to the left Otherwise, hit a hybrid or long iron and set up for a wedge

    It’s a tough par threesome even when they roll up the tees You really don’t want to be right because then the par gets extremely tough and there is a bunker guarding the front of the green Left is the best place to miss You don’t see many birds on this one

    This is a dogleg and as always you don’t want to be too cute and try to take off too much from the corner as the bunkers on the left are deep and can be penal On the right side of the fairway it is about distance control up to a pin that’s invariably on the top shelf

    There are some really good short holes on Augusta and this is one of them The first thing is, don’t be long But it’s easier said than done when you’re determined to access a pin which is at the back Players will be relieved to see the pin at the front as it is a good birdie hole so

    With the fairway sloping from left to right and all the trees waiting there, it’s a walk you’ll be looking to draw down the slope The challenge only gets to be interesting, however, as you have to be precise on the green It is surrounded by gutters and is delicate

    After the seventh you have a bit of a break with this par five But depending on your position at the time you will feel pressure to birdie Avoid the fairway bunker on the right, do not go to left of green with your approach and make a difficult two putt

    As long as your driving is straight, the challenge on this hole is all about approaching the elevated green There are two bunkers on the left and it tilts sharply and a ball rolling forward can continue down 50 to 60 meters This is about finding the appropriate level

    There’s a big bend and a hell of a downhill slope on the dogleg that you can’t really see on TV.Depending on its smoothness, a three wood with a big draw is probably the game that will leave you with a half iron. path to the green You don’t want to be in the bunker on the right A tough hole

    The start of Amen Corner and it’s demanding It’s a narrow fairway and as they’ve lengthened it so much over the years you might still end up with a long iron Water adjacent to the green on the left is a problem, the bunker on the right another

    One of the great short holes Depending on the winds, which often swirl, it can be anything from a wedge to a seven iron or now in November even more It’s all about control of the distance with the water and the bunker in the front and all the problems with the azaleas behind

    How brave do you want to be off the tee? If you hit the risky shot to the left – which means you have to dodge the trees and the stream – you have a much easier second shot from a flat lie On the right the ball will be over your feet. eagles and double bogeys abound

    You desperately need to get that ball down the fairway, ideally on the left, so you hit the green with a short iron Again, it depends on the position of the pin, but you have to be aggressive and go for the flag – hit the middle of the green and you will end up to the right

    You have to take advantage of Augusta’s par five and after the 13th this offers a tantalizing opportunity of a red number With the pond in front of the green you have a choice whether or not to opt for the green This can be a bit of a cardiac arrest when the ball is in the air

    It depends on where the pin is if it’s on the right you have to be bold and take it because it will roll to the left Sunday pin is the easiest because the ball will feed the hole if you can perfect the distance control We have seen many important birdies here in the past

    The Eisenhower tree is gone but the driving is just as demanding You ideally want to bring it to the top of the hill so you don’t have a blind approach to the green There are two bunkers guarding the front of the putting surface, so you have to be precise

    If you are a natural fader of the ball you are laughing as you can just pop it out of the bunkers on the left This is an uphill approach and as long as you are precise it is about being on the good plateau The Sunday pin is on the front left and you don’t want to be to the left of the green

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    Masters Tournament, Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta

    EbeneInfo – GB – Masters 2020: Lee Westwood’s Guide to Conquering Augusta National

    Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/golf/2020/11/11/masters-2020-lee-westwoods-guide-conquer-augusta-national/

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