EbeneInfo – GB – Simone Rocha is the newest designer to work with H&M


H&M’s designer collaborations are always a point of excitement – and the latest reveal doesn’t disappoint after high street brand Scandi partnered with Versace, Giambattista Valli and Isabel Marant in the past she has now announced that she will next team up with London Fashion Week favorite Simone Rocha

The collection, which will be available worldwide from March, is not only aimed at women, but is also aimed at the men’s and children’s clothing market She was created by diving into the designer’s 10 year archive and finding inspiration in the pieces that most represent her house codes Expect lots of bows, pearls, and tweed

In an interview about the collection, Rocha explained how sustainability was at the fore in designing this collection (as always) and how she believes the quality of the garments will surprise consumers

« A company like H&M has a much bigger footprint than something like Simone Rocha, so sustainability came into the factories for us, » she told Vogue US. « We were able to use organic cotton, recycled polyester and a new compostable yarn, actually it’s very interesting to see what can be translated and I think people will be surprised by the quality when they see it so I hope it’s special enough to want to wear it forever « 

The campaign was filmed by Tyler Mitchell, while Rocha’s partner also filmed some documentary chats with Rocha as well as Adwoa and Kesawa Aboah. Actors such as Daisy Edgar Jones and Michael Ward will participate in the campaign

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H&M, Simone Rocha, VIP Style Award for the most popular Irish designer, collaboration

EbeneInfo – GB – Simone Rocha is the newest designer to work with H&M

Source: https://uk.style.yahoo.com/simone-rocha-latest-designer-collaborate-123700907.html

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