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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched a video call with a group of fathers discussing the adjustment to fatherhood on Saturday night

During their video call, the Four Fathers explained how the UK charity Future Men supported them all with a course on fatherhood; and how they have adapted throughout the pandemic

The royal couple spoke with Peter Sen and his son Elliot, Graeme Mackenzie and his son Liam, Owen Smith and Sarit Chaturvedi; as well as Owen Thomas, Head of Father Programs at Future Men

Sen, holding his son Elliot, said: « I think being home on lockdown has been a blessing and a curse

« A blessing that I get to see every part of his development and it is a real joy, and even if he sleeps badly or badly, he always wakes up with a big smile on his face »

Chaturvedi said: « Being a parent is probably the only kind of job if you can call it [a job] – it’s very, very hard work – that we don’t have a hands-on approach. p>

« You know, any other job you come in you get shown the ropes When it’s completely new to you it’s very scary being a first-time parent »

Kate said: « Dads play such an important role that asking for help and advice shouldn’t be a bad thing »

Future Dads is a one-day course offered by Future Men that teaches new and expecting fathers how to care for their babies, their partners and themselves as they adjust to fatherhood The charity estimates it helps around 500 new dads each year

William asked the men, « How does Future Men find some of these other guys who haven’t had the realization, or the means if you want to, to go looking for services like Future Men and to be able to happy future as a father?

« Because I’m so worried, a lot of dads who just don’t know what to do and don’t know where to go And they maybe don’t have such a good level – or the grounding , nor the foundations or the support around them to be able to know what to do « 

Kate has made early childhood development and mental well-being the cornerstone of her royal work The 5 Big Questions she launched earlier this year, pre-coronavirus survey, is expected to release its results on next week The survey aimed to target the scope of work of Kate’s early childhood program

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EbeneInfo – GB – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge talk to fathers
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