EbeneInfo – IN – Bihar: Masked robbers looted 5 lakh rupees from bank in broad daylight, second robbery incident in a weekhi


Muzaffarpur, Bihar, Central Bank of India, India

EbeneInfo – IN – Bihar: Five and a half million rupees robbed in broad daylight from the bank, robbed secondhi
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Bihar: Masked robbers looted Rs. 5 lakh rupees in broad daylight from bank, second robbery of robbery in a week
Bihar: 4 bike riders miscreants 4 from Central Bank of India in Muzaffarpur district68 lakh robbed
Crime in Muzaffarpur uncontrolled, unscrupulous robbers looted second bank in six days
Police battered, criminal Mast! Armed miscreants looted 5 lakh 12 thousand rupees from Central Bank
5 from Amanour branch of Central Bank in Muzaffarpur12 lakhs robbed, five miscreants entered with pistols
Bihar: Armed criminals looted lakhs of rupees from Central Bank branch, police engaged in investigation
Bandhan Bank after robbed in Central Bank of India, robbed 5 lakhs from bank counter and 2 lakhs from customer
Indigo manager’s murder or bank robbery How the Bihar Police will wash away the stains, read the Inside Story
– <a href="/?s= Once again the bank robbery, armed half dozen criminals in Muzaffarpur carried out the robbery incident. Bank robbery in Muzaffarpur once again, half a dozen armed criminals carried out robbery incident

– <a href="/?s= Masked robbers looted a quarter and a half rupees 5 lakh rupees from bank " Masked robbers robbed a quarter of a million rupees from the bank in broad daylight

Source: https://hindi.news18.com/news/bihar/muzaffarpur-goons-looted-cash-from-central-bank-of-india-at-muzaffarpur-in-bihar-bramk-3415816.html

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