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Diane Tsuda « I have my wife take off my socks »

Diane Tsuda « I have my wife take off my socks » Atsuhiro Tsuda, a comedy duo, broadcasted a variety show « Yoshimoto Bakusho Data Bank 2017 & # 12316; 105 people » (SP& # 12316; Appeared on Kansai TV). Go home

Diane Tsuda is afraid of « Tokyo’s stunning circumstances »

Atsuhiro Tsuda, a comedy duo Diane, appeared on the variety show « Ima-chan’s » Actually … «  » (ABC TV) broadcast on January 30th. He talked about « I’m a little scared lately. » At the beginning of the program, Tsuda was told, « The best

Diane Tsuda « I’ll tell you soon! » Why did you decide to go to Tokyo …

« Egosearch TV » will be broadcast on AbemaTV from 10 pm on May 18th. « Egosearch » is the act of searching for your own name on the Internet and confirming your own evaluation. This program is good at « egosearch »

Nadal’s « I’m crazy » mysterious video that « plays many times » becomes a topic

Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers Nadal updated Twitter on Tuesday, December 22nd. Nadal, who is challenging Kalimba in the planning of the YouTube channel, posted a video of « Ichacha ». scared? cute? Mysterious movement

Korokoro Chikki Nadal’s ugly « monthly income of 3.6 million yen boasting » accusation

Atsuhiro Tsuda (44 years old) of comedy combination Diane broadcasted on December 28th, the variety show « Happo / Imada’s Yoshimoto Dressing Room News 2020-Return 1000 times with full concentration! Come to the Forest of Exposure SP » (Asahi Broadcasting) ) Appeared. Ko

Korokoro Chiki / Nishino and his partner / Nadal’s birthday pre- « Development of shock in many ways »

Comedy Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers’ Soto Nishino updated his Ameba Blog on the 23rd. He revealed the contents of the present he gave to his partner Nadal on his birthday. On this day, Nishino said, « Today, Nadal is 36 years old! Congratulations! »

Korokoro Chikki Nadal announces marriage

Nadal, 33, from the comedy Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers, announced her marriage on November 21st. Nadal updated his Twitter account, saying, « Mr. Yamauchi, Asei, and Yuriyan reported before me for some reason, but I’m Korokoro.

Nadal says to the « unwilling » world, « Isn’t there another dangerous guy? »

August 27 (Thursday), « Ame Talk! (TV Asahi), the fifth popular project to explore the ecology of Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers Nadal, « Summer vacation! Nadal Unbelievable ”is broadcast. On Twitter, « Nadal is dangerous

Korokoro Chikki Nadal’s relationship with the third generation JSB Kenjiro Yamashita « Smells me so much … »

On the 31st, TV Asahi’s « Ame Talk! ], Nadal of Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers appeared. The program is titled « Hinshuku Experience! Nadal Ambiribabo », and the performers show an episode about Nadal. Among them

Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers, DIAN

EveneInfo –JP –Diane Tsuda, dissed by Nadal (January 14, 2021) –Excite News
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