EbeneInfo –JP –The reason why Elaiza Ikeda does not play the royal road heroine is that the president of the office says, « The criteria for choosing is not favorability or audience rating » (December 3, 2020) –Excite News


    Elaiza Ikeda, « I’m glad I tried it » even though I had a hard time playing « genius »

    Actress Elaiza Ikeda and actor Fuju Kamio held a dramaism « Left-Handed Ellen » (MBS / every Sunday 24:50, TBS / every Tuesday 25:28) held in Tokyo on the 15th. Attended the production presentation. Ikeda is a genius painting

    Elaiza Ikeda has also fallen! The actress’s partner is « From IT president to YouTuber »

    Elaiza Ikeda, a model and actress, has nurtured love with Kanta of the duo YouTuber « Mizutamari Bond » and is said to be in a semi-cohabiting state. July 30th, FRIDAY reports. The magazine said, « The time has come when YouTubers are so popular.

    Elaiza Ikeda plays the role of a heroine’s dental hygienist, « I want you to be treated » in a white coat

    The movie « Cherry Boys », which is a live-action version of Tomohiro Koizumi’s popular manga, has been released nationwide since February 17th. On April 19th, a dental hygienist, Shakufusuko, was featured in the « Movie » Cherry Boys « Official (cherryboys2018) Twitter ».

    Elaiza Ikeda, Ringo Sheena « Kiss Me Here. » Cover TV debuts Surprising voice with beautiful voice « SEXY singing voice » « Playing talk is too cool »

    [Model Press = 2020/11/25] Model Elaiza Ikeda will appear on the NTV Best Artist 2020, which is being broadcast live for 4 hours from 7 o’clock on the 25th. Covered « Kiss Me Here » by Ringo Sheena.

    Elaiza Ikeda and Ayaka Miyoshi, « G vs. F Cup » bust butting shot masterpiece!

    Elaiza Ikeda and Ayaka Miyoshi can be said to be the most popular explosive bust actresses. Ikeda is the movie « Sadako » released in 19 and Miyoshi is the same genre as « Howling Village » released this year and the size of the bust.

    Elaiza Ikeda, what is the acting instruction method of « anger » shown in the first director’s work! ??

    Elaiza Ikeda was the guest on November 18th (Wednesday) on TBS Radio « Ishuin Hikari Torajioto » and « Ijuin Hikari Torajioto Guest », which are sent every Monday to Thursday from 8:30 in the morning. The first movie director December 4th

    YOU is like a model Elaiza Ikeda is an off-shot of a dialogue

    Model Elaiza Ikeda has revealed on Twitter that she is relaxing on the sofa with the talent YOU. It has a different atmosphere from YOU that you see in movies and variety shows, and it looks like a shot between models. Elaiza Ikeda in May

    Elaiza Ikeda makes a noise when her younger brother is too tall. « It’s about 2 meters … »

    Model and actress Elaiza Ikeda updated her Twitter on the 7th. The uploaded photos with my family have become a big topic. ■ Elaiza Ikeda’s younger brother is too big CSS EANDCHAR # 8230; with the comment « I’m 170 cm »

    Elaiza Ikeda succeeds in winking, which she is not good at.

    On the 13th, actress Elaiza Ikeda updated her Instagram and posted a video that challenged her weak wink. Fans are saying that it is « irresistible » and « too cute. » [Photo] Elaiza Ikeda becomes a weak wink

    Elaiza Ikeda, talent agency, The Virgin Psychics, Sion Sono

    EbeneInfo –JP –The reason why Elaiza Ikeda does not play the royal road heroine is said by the president of the office. And not the audience rating « (December 3, 2020) –Excite News
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    The reason why Elaiza Ikeda doesn’t play the royal road heroine is that the president of the office says, » The criteria for choosing is not the favorability or the audience rating. « 
    Eliza does not play the royal road heroine

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