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    Recently, organizations and individuals began to receive phone calls allegedly on behalf of the PRIME Economic Information Agency (or from the Prime Analytical Agency) offering financial services and buying shares JSC « AEI » PRIME « does not directly provide financial services and has no relation to calls of this nature These calls come from scammers, be careful!

    MOSCOW, Nov 27 – PRIME Whether or not to buy a property with the help of a realtor is everyone’s choice The realtor does not have any unique knowledge regarding transaction support However, buying an apartment on your own has its own risks. Partner of the De jure Bar Association Anton Pulyaev told the Prime agency how to buy an apartment bypassing realtorsThe notary told in what cases it is dangerous to donate apartments

    « Before you buy any real estate, you must order an extract from Rosreestr for the object From its content, it will become clear who the owner is and whether there are any restrictions on the sale, « the lawyer advises

    If the property is sold by power of attorney, then you need to find out if the power of attorney of the person acting on behalf of the owner is valid You can check on the website for checking powers of attorney for detailsRussia will launch a preferential mortgage program for private houses

    You also need to make sure that the passport of the owner of the property is valid This can be done on the website of the Main Directorate for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

    « If the owner is married, then the notarial consent of the spouse is required for the sale of the property It is necessary that no one is registered in the object being sold, except for the owner It is also important that the owner of the property is not declared legally incompetent by the court, « adds Pulyaev

    He emphasizes that the deposit agreement and the main contract of sale must be drawn up by a professional lawyer specializing in this area

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    EbeneInfo – RU – A lawyer told how to buy an apartment bypassing realtors
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