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Two-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Alexander Kozhevnikov made a forecast for the KHL regular championship match « Barys » – « Salavat Yulaev »Bet: « Salavat Yulaev » will not lose for 147“I think the Yulaevites will win, just definitely They are on the rise, they have more positive emotions Ufa players play very well, there are no complaints about them This team is doing well and according to plan, they are slowly preparing for the playoffs I watch the actions of « Barys » and see how the guys got tired and sagged Most likely, they will concede only one goal, but I can’t say when It is possible that the main time of the fight may not be enough for the opponents Let’s try the « team two won’t lose » option The odds will be slightly lower, but this rate seems real to me For Kazakhstanis, the whole problem is that they sagged, and even the normal game disappeared, which was shown before They began to move away more, and Ufa residents are able to competently use their chances in such cases The Finns who play there understand each other well and are able to realize the majority at the right time. As, for example, in the case when they defeated Kazan in the “green derby” So they are great jack of all trades, ”said Kozhevnikov

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EbeneInfo – RU – Barys – Salavat Yulaev: Alexander Kozhevnikov’s bet on the KHL match
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Barys – « Salavat Yulaev »: Alexander Kozhevnikov’s bet on the KHL match
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