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Diana Pozharskaya has stopped hiding her relationship with
heir to the famous acting dynasty Ivan Yankovsky The star of the Hotel Eleon
posted a video with a colleague in the shop in which he was fooling around on the street,
rolling on ice There is nothing special in the video itself, but before the girl had never published footage with Yankovsky, fearing rumors about their romance, so the audience
immediately decided that in this way Diana confirmed what they had been whispering about for a long time
in her environment

Informed sources claim that Diana and Ivan have started
meet in the middle of last year Internet users have noticed
that the actor began to give Pozharskaya various cute signs of attention: to put
emoticons under her Instagram photo and leave meaningful comments

Around the same time, Yankovsky broke up with his daughter
Konstantin Kinchev Vera Panfilova, whom he met about seven
years Relationships between young people were not easy Ivan met
the heiress of the rocker, when he studied at GITIS, and in 2013 they started
a novel that lasted three years In 2016, lovers suddenly quarreled, and
Yankovsky came to the premiere of the film « Queen of Spades » with another girl – a blogger
Taisia ​​Rumyantseva

Then Ivan was seen in the company of the restaurateur’s daughter Alexander
Novikov, but in the summer of 2017 the actor returned to Panfilova, and they
together flew to rest in Sicily However, it never came to the wedding, although many were looking forward to this marriage, and last September Vera confirmed that
nothing more connects her with Ivan

According to the girl, the decision to break up was mutual, but
they say that Yankovsky left the last word for himself: before leaving for
next shooting, he notified Panfilova that they were leaving It is believed that Vera
the artist’s mother didn’t like the artist, so Oksana Fandera persuaded her son to find
another bride, and then Pozharskaya just turned up, who also decided to try
happiness and try to enter the eminent acting family

Meanwhile, Diana Pozharskaya last year sharply denied all rumors about
romance with Yankovsky The actress assured that she was happily married to director Artem
Aksenenko, who is 9 years older than her

The couple met on the set of the film « Eclipse », and in 2016
year they played a secret wedding in the circle of the closest But even after the celebration
Pozharskaya rarely shared the details of family life and did not exhibit
joint photos with spouse So the separation between the actress and the director passed

Back in October last year, the director published
joint photos with Diana and called her « his wife », and already in December there were pictures
Aksenova with a completely different girl She turned out to be an actress Anastasia Mikulchina,
which, unlike Diana, her wife does not hide and has already shared a whole series
their wedding photos

So by now nothing prevents Pozharskaya and Yankovsky from building love, which is what they are doing Diana managed to move to the actor last year, and the New Year holidays, apparently, they spent together

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EbeneInfo – RU – Diana Pozharskaya confirmed an affair with Ivan Yankovsky: what is known about the couple’s relationship – 7 Daysru
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