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I don’t like talking to most journalists because they tend to fit the conversation into a single-page article and force something with something all the time then compare

The beauty of a late career start is that you think, « What could be worse than that? »

I have always liked the balance between theater and cinema, and I am happy that I work in both areas Until now, it amazes me that you can stand still on stage and 800 people in the audience are able to understand what my character is thinking.

I have always thought Snape is one of those elements of a rich and complex story that does not need to be revealed Children’s imagination is such a thing that it is better not to interfere with its work. So I was silent Even now I don’t want to talk about what awaits Snape at the end There will always be children who will block their ears because they do not want to know anything.

Chekhov is the greatest playwright! Because he is incomprehensible You can’t keep up with him: now it seems to you that he is here, but he eludes you It is very difficult for us You need to understand his special intonation, atmosphere, but we do not know it How I would like to understand Russian well I’ve seen Chekhov’s excellent productions in Russian, but it’s impossible to translate perfectly, it’s always a problem

Being a director and an actor at the same time is just awful Schizophrenic Nowadays, actors often star in their own films. I don’t understand at all how they do it I’m in this movie (A Little Mess, where Rickman played King Louis XIV – « RBC Style ») exclusively at the insistence of the producer I’m not stupid enough to claim myself

I guess I am not identified with Snape as much as Rafe Fiennes with Voldemort And I think that Daniel Radcliffe is quite successful in his future career. I understand why people try to put labels on us, but we need to defend against this.

When I came to the shooting of Rasputin (film by Uli Edel 1996 – « RBK Style »), I really liked it in St. Petersburg, we filmed in St. Isaac’s Cathedral Nobody filmed there before At the hotel, I liked it less: the film crew laid out a fortune for a day of stay, and at the same time, at the reception, employees complained about the meager salary Or here’s another: tiny old women were sitting at the exit of the hotel and selling some shoes and wooden spoons And I thought that I was taken to the shooting in Lenin’s car But I still really liked the country

The art and skill of telling stories can save the world The main thing is not to turn into old peppermakers who do not see how the world around them is changing – and it will continue to change – therefore it is imperative to tell stories to each other, about each other Otherwise, you can give up on us This is the only way we will understand each other, understand who we are The only problem is whether we can accept all these stories and whether our concentration will be enough. Can we sit for two hours in the cinema and perceive the story on the screen? After all, we are accustomed to the fact that at any moment we can press the pause button, because our phone rang

It seems to me that even if you decide to achieve something and train hard, in the end you will still sit for a long time without work I was no exception

I’m worried about young actors who crave fame so much As if they don’t know what an empty life awaits them, how quickly the glory will pass if they make a mistake one day, when the first wrinkles appear on their faces or someone more interesting appears on the stage

The smartest person I’ve met? Perhaps the woman I live with At least the fact that she’s still with me proves it.

Chaos cannot exist without order You need to destroy it so that life does not turn into something ordered, routine – you need to create chaos out of this

People have long needed good stories But history is impossible without a talented storyteller Thanks for the stories, Joe (J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter novels – « RBC Style »)

Alan Rickman

EbeneInfo – RU – Five years without Alan Rickman: recalling the actor’s statements
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Five years without Alan Rickman: recalling the statements of the actor
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