EbeneInfo – RU – « Forgive me! »: Arshavin’s ex-wife, sick with a terrible illness, repented of what she had doneru


The autoimmune process is when the body’s cells destroy themselves This usually happens due to trauma and stress. Psychosomatics explains autoimmune diseases by the fact that a person is dissatisfied for a long time, cannot forgive someone for the pain caused This happened with Alisa Kazmina.

Due to a terrible illness, she has already undergone two operations, after which her face has lost its former appearance Now the girl covers her face in the photo and is not shown to the public.

Arshavin’s ex-wife began to ponder why this happened to her Perhaps this is due to the grievances of the past. What is remarkable, Andrei Arshavin did not even support his ex-wife in difficult times Although the first husband showed concern and held out his hand to her

Alexei was the first to come to Alice’s aid when he found out about what had happened According to Starhit, Kazmina regrets that she left her first spouse for the sake of a football player

Businessman Alexey Kazmin agreed with doctors about the treatment of his ex-wife, helped with the children and provided support in every possible way

« I am very sorry that I broke up with Lesha – I bloomed with him, this would definitely not have happened to me He was the mainstay It was a family where until old age they would happily live with children, parents and companies of friends. Forgive me, Lesha, « , said Alisa Kazmina

Recall that Alice gave birth to two children from Alexei In 2016, she left him and went to Andrei Arshavin, taking the children Already in 2019, the couple broke up They divorced despite having a baby

Andrey Arshavin, Alice Arshavina, Necrosis

EbeneInfo – RU – « Forgive me! »

Source: https://dni.ru/showbiz/2021/1/14/468886.html

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