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Actress and playwright Elena Skorokhodova believes that the scandal plays into the hands of Alexei Batalov’s family – widow Gitana Leontenko and disabled daughter Maria Otherwise, the girlfriend of Mikhail Tsivin and Natalia Drozhzhina is convinced, they would have decided everything with their former friends long ago

Skorokhodova said that on July 20, 2020, they all met by chance at the notary’s, and later allegedly Nikita Mikhalkov himself offered the Batalov family a platform and a notary, but the Batalovs never came

The friend of Mikhail Tsivin and Natalia Drozhzhina is convinced that the widow of Alexei Batalov likes the hype that is now raised around her Skorokhodova shared her opinion:

“She is in the center of attention of the whole country, the people sympathize with her, on TV they show how she famously rode a horse in her youth PR-PR! Apparently, she caught this drive from popular attention even on the story with the bathhouse, she wanted a new dose And so she got it at the cost of the betrayal of real and loyal friends But no one will care about Masha like Drozhzhina»

Elena Skorokhodova commented on the desire of the Batalov family to recognize the contracts as invalid She believes that in this way the artist’s widow and daughter want to receive an impressive penalty.

« Their goal is to squeeze everything from Tsivin and Drozhzhina to the maximum, » the spouse’s friend Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes

Aleksey Batalov, Gitana Leontenko, Mariya Batalova, Mikhail Tsivin

EbeneInfo – RU – “I wanted a new dose”: a friend of Tsivin and Drozhzhina spoke about the addiction of Batalov’s widow

Source: https://www.eg.ru/showbusiness/1032788-zahotela-novoy-dozy-podruga-civina-i-drojjinoy-rasskazala-o-pristrastii-vdovy-batalova/

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