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Hockey observer Maxim Lebedev gave a forecast for the KHL regular championship match of the 2020/2021 season Lokomotiv – CSKABet: CSKA wins by 229“On the one hand, Lokomotiv was not too lucky If CSKA played in Yaroslavl immediately after Peter and SKA, the chances of Yaroslavl would be clearly greater But before Yaroslavl, the « army men » went to Riga, where they trampled on the poor people of Riga, without even sweating And now the advantage of « railroad workers » in an extra day of rest, in fact, is eaten away by this fact Yes, and the Yaroslavl residents themselves have a moral and psychological state, I must say, today is not very In the previous round they lost to Spartak in Moscow, and then, as they say, to hell with him, in the standings from this Lokomotiv it is neither warm nor cold, but the whole question is how the Yaroslavl team lost And they lost disgustingly, giving in the end the match won as a whole But this adds a serious weight to the virtual scales of the « army men », which already tilt towards them very, very significantly Well, the « control in the head » of the hosts of the future match organizes statistics of personal meetings In principle, in general, it looks pretty decent for Yaroslavl residents Only the last seven matches have been lost to their main competitor in the Tarasov division. And since the last home victory, two years have passed without a few days During these two years, CSKA did nothing but strengthen itself, and Lokomotiv could not keep up with it It turns out that at the exit we get a rather difficult match, since in front of their audience, Yaroslavl, of course, will jump out of their pants And to well-rested and returning from a tour of the near abroad, « army men » this jumping out of certain problems will create, but nothing more CSKA will win, albeit with a minimum score, but still in regulation time, « Lebedev said.

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EbeneInfo – RU – Lokomotiv – CSKA: Maxim Lebedev’s forecast for the KHL match in Yaroslavl
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