EbeneInfo – RU – « Poverty and loneliness »: the truth about the last days of actress Nina Doroshina is revealedru


    In the studio of the « Live » program, the relatives of actress Nina Doroshina spoke about the life and death of the great artist

    On the channel « Russia-1 » there was a broadcast dedicated to the personal life of the artist Nina Doroshina The studio was attended by close actresses who shared their memories In particular, Doroshina’s niece Olesya spoke about the most terrible period in the life of the deceased movie star According to her, the artist’s whole life was reduced to the theater. It was an undivided love for playing on stage, without which Doroshina felt bad

    A relative explained that there were many men in the life of the actress – she was always popular with them However, no personal tragedy left such an imprint of grief on her as the lack of roles. As a result, the artist found a way out of the situation, passing on her knowledge to the younger generation of theatrical performers

    She had this terrible period of time when it was really hard for her And she got out of this situation by teaching – she began to teach, – shared her memories of her niece Doroshina

    The artist’s niece also clarified how sad it was for her and the whole family to hear that Doroshina died alone and in poverty Olesya said that her mother lay with the artist in hospitals to help and support

    However, the chief administrator of the Sovremennik theater, Alexander Sidelnikov, told his version about the last days of the actress’s life According to him, Doroshina often called him and complained about loneliness, asked to come Sidelnikov answered with consent, visiting He said that after 80 years, the artist has changed a lot, falling into depression. The star of the film « Love and Doves » died at the age of 84 due to a heart attack

    Nina Doroshina, Oleg Yefremov, Russia, Oleg Dahl, Mikhail Efremov, Sovremennik, Love and Dove

    EbeneInfo – RU – « Poverty and loneliness »: the truth about the last days of actress Nina is revealed Doroshina
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    « Poverty and loneliness »: the truth about the last days of the actress Nina Doroshina was revealed ru

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