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The Epic Games Store has ended its giveaway of a tactical rogue-lite Crying Suns game and has started a new one A new game in the free distribution was a shooter from the developers of EA DICE and the publisher of Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition, released in 2017 You can add the game to your library until 19:00 Moscow time on January 21, 2021, after which it will remain with you forever

Starting January 21, Galactic Civilizations 3, a global turn-based 4X strategy game from the Stardock studio, which was released in 2015, will be available for free in EGS

Epics are handsome) not only were they given out for free, so also the progress that I played on a temporary subscription at one time was preserved May the force be with you!

It was not entirely clear to me personally until today There were fears that they would have to completely re-pump the cards But thank God everything worked out All the same, 60 hours is not enough

Perhaps they wanted to distribute a regular edition and confused but somehow it turns out bold But let’s hope for the best as they say

В Origin куплено Star Wars Battlefront II Standart Edition In EGS, I took the Celebration Edition full edition, entered the e-mail and in Origin it was updated to the Celebration Edition Thanks EGS

nafig don’t need this shit even for free even if they paid extra especially since it has long been lying on torrents – go through a couple of missions and forget it like a bad dream

Is there an online game on torrents? Yeah There is a single as in a cold, for a seed to the main game

If I already have a jailbroken version of the khatab on my computer (I still haven’t got my hands on the campaign), can I somehow play multiplayer, which is now free thanks to the EGS?

I will clearly pump litsuhu, and deleted I don’t play multiplayer at all, but here there is such an opportunity, why not check it out

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EbeneInfo – RU – Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition Giveaway Started in EGS

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