EbeneInfo – RU – The construction of an oncology center in Kaliningrad remains behind scheduleru


    This was reported to the media by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the region Sergey Chernomaz during his visit to the facility on Wednesday, December 2 The official did not see workers everywhere The general contractor said that some of the employees are on self-isolation There were ARVI symptoms, we decided to play it safe In total, about 160 people are currently working at the construction site.

    The readiness of the object is gradually increasing But it has not yet been possible to close the schedule gap It remains the same – 2-3 months At the same time, the so-called « thermal circuit » is closed on the 5th block, which allows work inside the premises They go on the night shift So far, the general contractor has no complaints about subcontractors:

    – This week they have just shown that they have fulfilled the promised deadlines and volumes Next week, we will also show that there is no backlog, and we will continue to increase the pace and amount of labor at the facility and reduce the backlog that has accumulated over the previous period, – assured the representative of the general contractor Yuri Gavrilin

    As for the slab that covers the atrium and subsided 2 weeks ago, the filling of the deformed part is planned in the near future

    Kaliningrad, Construction

    EbeneInfo – RU – The construction of an oncology center in Kaliningrad remains behind schedule
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    – <a href="/?s=Prosecutor's Office has opened a "hot line for medical assistance and drug supply" The Prosecutor's Office has opened a hotline for medical care and drug supply ru

    Source: https://kaskad.tv/novosti/22053-otstavanie-ot-grafika-na-stroitelstve-onkotsentra-v-kaliningrade-sokhranyaetsya

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