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    18th lunar day with the element Water Auspicious day for people born in the year of the Tiger, Rabbit, Monkey and Chicken; start treatment, buy medicines, give gifts to guests, put in the leaven On this day, the planned cases will be easy Going on the road – to an increase in material wealth Unfavorable day for people born in the year of the Cow, Dragon, Sheep and Dog; to hold funerals and commemorations Hair cutting – to the loss of livestock and acquired wealth

    19th lunar day with Horus element The day marked « Modon Hohimoy » is an extremely unfavorable day You can’t start building a house, carry out the ritual “hashg dallga abaha”, matchmaking, guessing for the future, plant “hiy morin”, donate and sell cattle, put leaven, hold a funeral Unfavorable day for people born in the Year of the Tiger and Rabbit Going on the road – to new worries Auspicious day for people born in the year of the Horse, Sheep, Monkey and Chicken; do good deeds, put on new jewelry, new clothes, pacify the enemy, order « sagaan shuherte », for good and peaceful deeds Hair cutting – to meet a good person

    He returned to his small homeland after 80 years The remains of a Red Army soldier were buried in Buryatia He was drafted two years before the war and only now was officially removed from the list of missing persons. The story of a soldier in the material – more

    For decades, flowers were brought to him at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Mikhail Ivanovich Sapunov left to serve in 1939 But he did not have time to demobilize, in 1941 he was sent to the front Two years later, the family was informed that the son showed courage and was awarded the medal « For Courage » for the feat on the Kursk Bulge The order says:

    It was June 5, 1943 Two days later, Mikhail Ivanovich was added to the list of missing persons His remains were found only this fall, 77 years later, in the same Kursk region. To return him home to the Tarbagatai district, the government of Buryatia and the command of the 36th army tried

    Mikhail Ivanovich returned to his father’s house with the rank of sergeant According to Christian customs, he was buried, according to the military, they were carried out with a threefold volley The earth was given next to parents and older brother

    This is the seventh fighter returned home decades later from the list of missing persons. According to the search party, hundreds more may return

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    Buryatia, Battle of Kursk, 1943

    EbeneInfo – RU – The remains of a Red Army soldier were returned to Buryatia after 80 years
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    The remains of a Red Army soldier were returned to Buryatia 80 years later
    In Buryatia, the remains of a front-line soldier who died in 1943 on the Kursk Bulge were buried
    The remains of a soldier who died at the Kursk Bulge were buried in Buryatia ru

    Source: https://arigus.tv/news/item/150057/

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