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January 15 – the first day of direct movement of retrograde Uranus Astrologers told what is remarkable about this day and why it is auspicious It’s time to throw off the burden of the past

The energy of Uranus is something extremely interesting The power of this planet is unique and unlike the effects of other night stars This means that a very bright astrological event will occur in mid-January.

Advantages of the forward motion of Uranus in 2021, the 14th is the last day of the reverse motion of the planet On January 15, Uranus will turn around and begin to move through the night sky in its usual direction. According to experts, this celestial body is responsible for chaos and unpredictability. From Friday, the 15th, a favorable time will begin when the chaos in people’s lives will become less, and the rest of it will be more positiveThis period will last until August 20, but the first days of direct movement will be the brightest and most memorable

Uranus retrograde began in 2020, which was very unfavorable All the bad things associated with this time will remain in the past From January 15th it will be much easier to forget troubles This is one of the biggest advantages associated with the direct movement of Uranus.What signs of the zodiac Uranus will bring the most happiness Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus at the time of the transition from one state to another, so people who constantly wind themselves up and live in the past will receive the most positive energy: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces They will be able to defeat blues and apathyNew opportunities will come to those who are not used to sitting around, and also know how to seek help from the sixth sense in time Uranus will increase the power of intuition and give a lot of strength to Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

As for Aries, Libra, Scorpions and Capricorns, these people will be lucky too Uranus will help them become more independent and calm Good luck will not pass by any of us You just need to tune in correctly for this favorable period.

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EbeneInfo – RU – Uranus comes out of retrograde January 15: astrologers told why this day is remarkable
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