EbeneInfo – United States – 30 years after Nintendo’s « Operation Midnight Shipping » and console launches are still in danger


There is a famous story relating to the launch of the Super Famicom in Japan – an event that took place 30 years ago today – that Nintendo decided to ship the console to stores overnight to prevent deliveries from being intercepted by Yakuza criminal gangs

Dubbed « Operation Midnight Shipping, » the plan was concocted by Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi and his right-hand man Hiroshi Imanishi after the first got wind that the Yakuza were planning to steal Super Famicom shipments before Reaching the Stores Given the intense hype surrounding the console’s release – the successor to the Famicom and then by far Japan’s most popular console – the Yakuza rightly felt that high profits could be made by selling systems at inflated prices on the black market

The story goes that in the early hours of November 21, 1990, 300,000 Super Famicom consoles were quietly loaded into vans and distributed across the country, before the Yakuza – or most of Japan itself – woke up from sleep The operation was kept top secret, with only a small handful of people being told when the trucks would leave, where they were going, and what cargo they contained. As a result, the Yakuza found itself empty-handed and the 300,000 launch systems returned to their rightful owners.

Fast forward to the present day, and it looks like the UK launch of the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been so lucky – and while the Yakuza are understandably not involved this time around, it seems that some shady people ruined the launch of Sony’s new system for some of its customers who pre-ordered with online retail giant Amazon

One of those customers is our own Ant Dickens, who like several other UK buyers who pre-ordered with Amazon found that their PS5 console had been replaced with a totally different item and the packaging had been sealed. with clear tape (rather than Amazon’s parcel tape) Others had received incorrect items (which tends to happen from time to time) while some customers had shipments marked as «  delivered  » which never even showed up, although the delivery van was in sight of their home:

A buyer was lucky enough to get his PS5, but only after challenging the Amazon delivery guy, who appeared to be planning on leaving with the console:

Amazon has released the following statement to our sister site, Push Square, but it would appear that for now all it can offer disappointed customers impacted by this shameful event is a full refund, as the stock PS5 s ‘is dried up:

Our goal is to make our customers happy, and that hasn’t happened for a small portion of these orders We are so sorry about this and are investigating exactly what happened We are contacting all customers who have had a problem and we’ll let us know so we can fix it Anyone who has had a problem with an order can contact our customer service team for assistance

Obviously, the way people get their consoles has changed in the three decades since the Super Famicom launched in Japan; while Nintendo could control how stock was delivered to retail stores in 1990, in the modern era online ordering is king – even more so at the moment, as we are in the midst of a global pandemic that is preventing people to access physical stores

This obviously opens up the possibility for those responsible for delivering the goods to steal them before they reach the customer, especially considering that these consoles will almost certainly be sold for a huge profit in the market. secondary to people who are desperate to own a PS5 this side of Christmas

Damien has more than a decade of professional writing experience under his belt, as well as a belly with repellent hair. knowledge, completely and totally unfounded

These delivery people should be fired and go to jail Amazon should know who delivers the products in which area, that can’t be too difficult and telling customers to wait for it to appear eventually is silly

@ BTB20 A big part of the problem, I think, is that it’s the vacation hiring rush, so Amazon probably still needs manpower, so maybe it has been hired without a large selection Anyway, I agree to shoot instantly!

Wow It’s just terrible It’s really happy that I decided not to try to get a PS5 for a year or two, even that decision was due to the fact that I finally got a PS4

A terrible thing is going to happen People work to enjoy life and get the things that make them happy To have a thief take it before you even smell it’s horrible If you’re waiting for a new console or whatever either of this kind that gets a lot of media coverage, you should have your phone ready If you see the delivery person pulling over and not going out, take pictures of the van or vehicle If he delivers a package, you take a picture of him and his van Have him wait until you open the package on the doorstep the door to check the elements

These people should be prosecuted full time and serve their sentence And never find a job where there is contact with valuables If you can and find that you have been scammed Hold the guy back and call the police

But taking pictures of the delivery man and the van is fine, at least you can prove who he was Awe so bored about it So sad

Never buy consoles at launch Unless you desperately need to play new FIFA or a bag of rice

I’ve pre-ordered my XSX on MS Store and my PS5 on ShopTo, both of which arrived on their respective launch days.But I’ve had large box shipments from Amazon in the past with a slightly torn corner, and now I seem to know why Unfortunately thieves are everywhere I have friends in Canada who have had packages stolen by porch hackers This is ridiculous

A similar thing happened to me when I ordered a laptop from Amazon They sent me a box of cereal Amazon kept calling me a liar and saying they delivered the laptop they refused to give me a refund They only gave in after I posted the story on Reddit and got thousands of views and hundreds of comments I would never order an expensive item from Amazon in UK again They are dirty

@ LaytonPuzzle27 then yes rioters when they riot have to be stopped, and yes we have seen them steal expensive TVs and stuff, that’s not what’s happening here It seems the case here is that delivery men are thieves

@Preposterous exactly There are so many bugs in a new console (although I would have given in and bought one if they wouldn’t let me transfer my ps4 games to the ps5 later) Not to mention waiting a year or two, you will get the «  updated  » like when the switch released the model with the best battery

I always get new consoles from the Nintendo store (not sure if there is a Play Station equivalent) or GAME They use Royal Mail who have a better rep Argos also uses their own delivery guys I don’t know what are the price differences but it would be worth it for the reliability

Also, I’m proud to say that I’ve never used Amazon! When it comes to console launches, I always do pre-orders and in-store pickups on launch day

I never buy anything expensive from Amazon Too high risk with low lifespan employees in the delivery chain Myself, I wouldn’t even steal a pen from my workplace

@Scorpagion unfortunately this is too common I don’t trust anyone to deliver expensive electronics to the front door I try to buy from John Lewis and have it delivered to local Waitrose

@ theriku260 I think switch v2 has the same battery It’s the battery life which is better

Edit: I have a similar story, but not with something this expensive or through Amazon (although it is an Amazon product) A few years ago I ordered a Fire Stick for my MIL at Best Buy as a Christmas present (it was on sale) We happened to be on our way home after a day it was delivered Literally maybe a 6 minute difference between the notification and the the moment we got home

Anyway, the package had been clearly torn and the Fire Stick stolen But not just opened and stolen The whole package was tampered with It looked almost patched up from pieces of other packages It was weird I am pretty sure to this day it was the UPS driver who did it My neighborhood is only full of seniors So I doubt it was a neighbor I guess it could have been someone following the truck But why not just take the whole package? Fortunately (after a few weeks of back and forth with UPS and Best Buy) I received a refund and was able to purchase it elsewhere But it certainly got tired of situations like this in the future

It’s crazy and reminds me of something you’d come to expect from flight season (name of the time before Christmas in Atlanta when flights are increasing exponentially) This seriously sucks for people losing $ 500 on this tip: / I used to work in customer service and remember having to check returned consoles after hearing stories of people taking PS4 or XB1 out of the box and replacing them with something weighty equal before successfully returning that

Yeah, a DVD player was gone and replaced with something else This all happens to me in December of last year too They obviously get traded so they keep the more expensive item to sell or keep for themselves

It is also becoming a bigger problem where I live My friend stole 2-3 games in the mail I never stole anything, but sometimes the packages were torn by someone

Obviously it sucks and nobody wants it to happen to them, but those people throwing tantrums on Twitter and asking what they’re doing are just ridiculous Anyone who’s ever used Amazon knows how to file a claim replacement / return / refund or contact customer service and spoiler alert, this is not tossing a random tweet into the void without real relevant information There is a fancy little button on their Amazon order page to report a problem or request a replacement: use it

Goes both ways I remember we had to escort UPS after a few pilots were attacked and robbed during the PS3 launch (don’t get me started on the Wii launch) and someone one tried to rob a store I was working in on the PS4 launch day The sad thing is these gamestops had low crime rates otherwise that being said, I hope all thieves get fired and prosecuted Usually it’s the pilots Too hard to do this in the warehouses You can, but you’re in front of the camera and you’ve checked that you can’t have personal effects on the ground Worked at FedEx and Amazon for years

this sack of rice looks like laughing ^ then the sack says time has gone well heheh yes playing with rice instead of the ps5 i thing i would be locked up to assault on an amazon pilot

I know stories like this are in the minority, but that doesn’t make me half-wary or ordering consoles from online retailers

Then again, this only seems to be a problem with new technologies in high demand, whether it’s consoles, graphics cards or phones. When the stock is plentiful you never really see this

It should be easy enough to find the culprits, however, so that the police can charge them if they are not too busy investigating malicious messages on the Internet

I have ordered from ebay in the past and my package arrived completely empty (it had been cut and then re-glued, the knife marks were very obvious under the tape) At least these guys are getting « something » XD

the joys of zero hour contract couriers & lax reception standards due to covid all kinds of packages are simply left outside homes or delivered to the wrong person or stolen!

I invested in a video doorbell after neighbors had packages stolen Unfortunately, it wouldn’t help if the delivery guys trafficked them in the van

That’s part of the reason I’m happy to wait until the dust settles before purchasing one of these next-gen consoles

This situation reminds me that when I ordered new home phones the package got lost for about a week, and when it was finally delivered it looked like it had been refurbished I got the phones from my house but i also have an open box for an apple watch that someone else must have ordered of course there was no watch but i got a free usb power adapter

A similar situation happened at Walmart while the NES Classic was still on sale I had to shop for Easter, saw they had 5-6 in electronics, so I asked for s ‘they could leave one in the front They did I finish my shopping and ask the system to pay for it They say it has already been picked up Turned out a guy watched me ask them to hold it in front of the store, bought ALL the others, then went to the front and bought mine I’m still furious because this was going to be a Mother’s Day gift since the original Super Mario Bros is the one of his favorite games And if I ever find out who made it, I’ll probably go to jail for the rest of my life

@Deltath I think it’s more about seeing how many are victims of the theft Easier to prove to a retailer that there are a number of posts saying the same thing

If we can find a way to attach pre-orders or consoles made with specific serial numbers that are built into the console and not outside of the console to a specific buyer when purchasing we will catch the Theives or most likely confiscate the product and question those who are stuck with the system not theirs via the serial number and if it was brought in by a vendor That will bring them back but then there is the and if you brought one from an original buyer later ?? Do serial numbers matter then? Well I would say it wouldn’t be then because Sony should have something on their platform that a customer would either tap or tick a box to say it has been sold So when I buy one from occasion, this serial number is mine now and I would go to the Sony platform and register the serial number in my name instead So on so Sony just needs a big database of serial numbers. series to connect buyers to their purchase And have a backup console system handy in case something like shenanigans behavior like the one above happens And as long as the thief is caught red-handed in time , they deliver the package or not pulled or repercussion I say if it is on the truck it must be delivered without exception but hey I just try to solve the problem or look for a solution instead of doing nothing

@ k8sMum You might not be using Amazon, but you have nothing to prove They will replace or refund anything Amazon sells (which is all PS5 they ship) No matter if it never arrived, it was stolen, it was the wrong item, etc. You can get a PS5 in your box and pretend it never arrived and they will refund you If you make too many claims in a calendar year they will become suspicious and might suspend your account, but otherwise they will replace it / will reimburse it

News 30 years after « Operation Midnight Shipping » and Nintendo’s console launches are still fraught with dangers

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EbeneInfo – United States – 30 years after the launch of « Operation Midnight Shipping » and console Nintendo are still under threat

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