EbeneInfo – United States – Dominic Calvert-Lewin scores two points as Everton punishes sloppy Fulham, who misses another penalty


It was an unusually sunny afternoon for doing business, but, despite all its peaks and valleys, this thriller was as usual Comfortably the better team despite the slim margin of victory, Everton are returned to victory Fulham, meanwhile, missed a penalty for the second game in a row and, despite all his usual heart, ended with his usual comeback: no points, but a lot more regrets

After coming back from two of Serbia’s three games without scoring and scoring at home for two months, Aleksandar Mitrovic found himself demoted to Fulham bench He sat for 58 minutes as Fulham’s seemingly banished defensive fragility returned with vengeance, while their inability to create concrete opportunities remained too present and correct.

The three-game suspension of their Brazilian talisman Richarlison directly coincided with the exchange of Everton’s fireworks at the start of the season for three unnecessary games, the worst streak of manager Carlo Ancelotti’s career Richarlison returned yesterday and he set up the Everton opening after 46 seconds

Bobby De Cordova Reid failed to control Ola Aina’s slapdash header after a capricious pass from Tosin Adarabioyo Crossfield Richarlison rallied and, unimpeded, rushed to the signing His low cross crossed the legs of the unfortunate Adarabioyo and Dominic Calvert-Lewin took over the house

To their credit, Fulham did not collapse Without being cocky enough to match Everton in quality, with so little to lose they set out to not lose and they were level after 15 minutes, when a nice triangular interaction and training ground between Tom Cairney, Harrison Reed and Bobby De Cordova Reid ended with the latter charging through the gaping holes of the Everton defense and, as Yerry Mina tried to catch him, passing in front of Jordan Pickford

Alas for the hosts, the goal mostly served to wake up the visitors and Everton were in the lead at the break.First, a period of sustained possession peaked when Alex Iwobi exploded forward and found James Rodriguez His imperious touch found the overlap of Lucas Digne, who crossed low for Calvert-Lewin to guide his second of the day ahead of Alphonse Areola

This time Everton didn’t sit Iwobi and Digne were rampaging on the flanks, Allan and all-action Abdoulaye Doucoure controlled the central plains, while Rodriguez and Richarlison themselves were skillful Like his predecessors, their third descended to the left of Everton, the hallway where, in a more ideal situation for Fulham, Aina could have vigorously defended Again, Rodriguez’s vision was superlative Again, he spotted Digne This Time , the cross was high and the miserably unmarked Doucorue rose unchallenged to lead his first Everton goal

Invariably short on quality but rarely lacking in courage or patience, Fulham introduced Mitrovic, dominated possession but still struggled to break through the yellow wall until Ben Godfrey roughly slapped Ruben Loftus-Cheek in the penalty area This week Ademola Lookman objected to what, apparently, Mitrovic Ivan Cavaleiro stepped up A Lookman-style Panenka was out of the question Instead, Ivan Cavaleiro stepped up, slipped on contact and the ball gently curled up on the bar

Moments later, Fulham was back Lookman danced to the right and, since Digne refrained from throwing a proper challenge, crossed low The weak Loftus-Cheek drive was deflected past Pickford by Mina

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Is the game really launched? Almost but not quite Everton were more uncomfortable and they pulled out platoons of men, but without a crowd to get them to Fulham, they never quite seemed to believe redemption was near. was not

That’s all Fulham fought well in the second half, but familiar failures – giving it to the full-back, missing a penalty – hurt them again Everton are really classy in spells, but seemed a bit out of place. short of confidence as they clung

In the meantime, this is Dominic Calvert-Lewin: « Happy The most important thing was that we got three points We didn’t play well in the second half, another day we could have been punished The first half was a portrayal of me benefiting from the fact that the ball was largely played Second Half, plus a lone fighting role trying to win fouls and hold it back « 

Fulham will have one last attack Lookman descends to the left, has a chance to cross and takes the ball out This will probably be the last

Everton look stunned, many of them have had a lot of football lately They win a foul which provides a few seconds of blessed relief

We’ve had two of those five minutes Fulham launches howitzers at Mitrovic, but Everton is taking care of it

Five minutes added, not sure how but still A promising attack from Fulham ends with a sloppy Robinson ball Everton on the other end don’t have enough body forward to make the most of ‘a break

Everton look less rushed now Worthy of a take again They are at the right end of the field

Martin Keown gave the MoM to Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and there are some arguments Two goals, great overall contributions He has scored 13 in 11 Everton games this season

Cavaleiro jumps forward and attempts a shot from a distance of 100-1 to enter from that angle and distance

Everton are barely out of their half Digne finally manages to move forward and earn a corner Everton look at a side whose confidence is fragile

Sigurdsson succeeds Richarlison, who was silent The first act of the Icelandic is to give him in a danger zone

Lookman with a nice cut from the right and a fierce shot that is bravely charged by Davies Everton is just digging

Everton are pinned in a back five and they just haven’t had the ball Parker certainly got the tactics right in the second half, but I wonder why Mitrovic and Loftus-Cheek, surely two of his best players, are not in the XI?

Everton have really let Fulham fend for themselves here they have barely had a stroke since half-time Lookman and others for Fulham are now running over them, pushing them back, asking questions Fulham is playing well and they are going to give to Everton have a difficult time for the last 20 I think

But fair play to Fulham, they don’t let their head fall Lookman pins his ears back and gallops to the right, produces a good low cross that Loftus-Cheek meets firmly His shot is on target, he takes a deflection on Mina and in

Oh my God Poor Cavaleiro He runs and then slides and somehow manages to hit the ball with his right foot on his left foot – and it inflates Oh it’s a horror

Good pressure from Fulham, they keep the ball in the Everton area They take their time, they now pass it to Mitrovic

Iwobi is busy on this flank again, but a clever game is interrupted by Reed

Good play open again It’s Fulham moving forward now, Loftus-Cheek is able to take the ball and head up Mitrovic holds it well and gives it to Cavaleiro who hits the target of 25 Pickford needs two bites to the cherry to pick it up

The end-to-end pattern of the first half continues At the other end, Â Decordova-Reid has a shot that he says hit an opponent in the arm He protests He wants to keep a cover on, he has was booked in the first half, I think for a foul on Richarlison

Lucas Digne with a free kick to the left, Richarlison on it! Gets scuffed effort on goal and it’s a decent save Terrible, if not nonexistent, scoring once again That would have been almost as quick as the goal in the first half

say the reason Everton look so devastating is that they use wingers as back wings – that would be Digne on the left and Iwobi on the right They can afford to do it against an inferior opponent against Fulham How would you counter it? Attack yourself on the flanks, I guess Push them back, don’t let them do everything as they please

The referee puts an end to one of the most enjoyable halves of football we’ve had this season

James hands it over to Richarlison, who almost brought it together out of sheer will

Everton keep the movement alive Digne again allowed to cross Andersen the lack! Lucky for him, Richarlison misses him too

Everton enjoy a few minutes of consolidation as they play at the back

Fulham once again so generous, giving them all the time and space they could wish for Digne walks happily down the left wing without any hindrance, he produces a good cross and the unmarked Doucouré has the freedom from the penalty area as he nods

A brilliant goal! Superb Everton football They have so much quality all over the world Iwobi with a run from the right, cut inside and play it to Rodriguez, who sends him to the left wing Digne plays with a crisp and precise timer And there’s Calvert-Lewin to pat it with a composed and precise finish Beautiful game

It’s an excellent and entertaining Fulham game having the best in midfield, not least because James Rodriguez is completely out of his game A decent move from Fulham ends with Aina leading the ball not far from the right

The sun is in the eyes of goalkeeper Fulham Areola, who messes up a looping deflection and sees it bounce off the crossbar! Â

Richarlison lashes out He steals an opponent in midfield and charges forward, so much strength and class under his control Hits the target and it’s a great save

Calvert-Lewin put the ball in the net Fulham allowed him to let off some steam, but he’s offside You could say it was a perfectly played offside trap, or you might ask why he found a space large enough to drive a bus between the two middle halves

De Cordova-Reid danced around Jerry Mina as if Mina were a statue The form of the Colombian defender is a big concern for Carlo I imagine

It’s more like that Excellent movement from Fulham, a smart, quick and neat brace between Cairney and De Cordova-Reid, who receives the ball and dances into the box, repelling the ball with a nice low finish

Fulham gives it back at the back again, the coaching staff can’t see or won’t accept that they don’t have the players for this strategy They pretty much manage to get enough body around Richarlison to stop his mighty goal scramble, but it looks like another crash waiting to happen

A foul on Richarlison, who scored for Brazil this week against Uruguay Everton has almost all the ball so far

Scott Parker in a familiar pose on the sideline « It’s your worst nightmare », says Martin Keown on BBC communications

Adarabioyo put a touch in the box for the goal that accidentally caught Dominic CL When you’re out of luck, you’re out of luck

Worst possible start for Fulham They try to play him from behind, they give him Richarlison leaps forward and plays through Calvert-Lewin makes contact and go!

Happy Sunday A little curiosity this morning, with Premier League football live on the BBC with a midday kick-off Craven Cottage, perhaps the capital’s prettiest football ground, looking for ‘a photo: it’s a beautiful, soft and bright day here in London, and maybe that can inspire Fulham to a result against Everton

News from the Fulham team: Mitrovic and Anguissa on the bench (probably after the intls) Starts for Cavaleiro and LeminaXI: Areola; Aina, Adarabioyo, Andersen, Robinson; Reed, Lemina, Cairney; Cavaleiro, De Cordova-Reid, Lookman

Fulham vs Everton kick off a busy afternoon of football for us here on Telegraph Sport Later there is the intriguing prospect of Liverpool hosting Leicester, it would be great if the Foxes could get a result at Anfield, make the race of the league as exciting as it gets

Leeds United have always been a fun watch this season to win or lose, and they have a tough but by no means impossible test against Arsenal later Leeds United vs Arsenal, Premier League: what time is kick-off today , what TV channel is it showing and this is our prediction?

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EbeneInfo – United States – Dominic Calvert-Lewin scores two points as Everton punishes the botched Fulham, who misses another penalty

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