EbeneInfo – United States – New England Patriots: Interesting salary cap decisions await in 2021


November 9, 2020; East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (right) looks behind head coach Bill Belichick ahead of the game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots made a decision on the trade deadline this month, they basically did nothing

It was an odd decision They were at 2-5 at the time and looked like anything but an NFL playoff team The options appeared to be either selling high-priced veteran players for draft picks and create a cap space for next season, to trade for players who you think could help get you back in the game

They didn’t do either A previous post pointed out in more detail the importance to the team They held on (no pun intended) Interestingly, since that decision they’ve bounced back to win two games and come within 2 1/5 games of the suddenly hesitant Buffalo Bills

Whatever the outcome in 2020, the team will come out of this season with a load of ceiling space in 2021 and they could inflate even more with a few not-so-obvious staff moves This is what it might look like

First, according to Overhecapcom, the Patriots will emerge in 2020 with a huge projected cap of $ 41,767,834 Not bad at all, but wait, that number could grow exponentially if certain decisions are made by the club on some high-cap veterans and other players

Here are some potential savings (about an additional $ 45 million or so?) according to Overhecapcom if these veterans are traded or released (of course, a lot of these players won’t)

Starting at the top, Stephon Gilmore He is 30 years old and one of the best, if not the best, cornerbacks in the league He has already recently put his house on the market This is never a good sign , as a previous article explained in two other high-profile cases

So Gilmore himself may think he’s leaving town and if traded the Patriots will save around $ 5M on the cap on a single player But he’s a great player, can -be the best in health

Next on the list is Dont’a Hightower.He is also a top player, hands down the Patriots’ best linebacker, and his absence has hurt defense this season But he’ll be 31 in March, and if traded, the cap savings are still greater than Gilmore’s, nearly $ 10 million.

Decisions about Gilmore and Hightower will be the toughest for New England Move the two, and they lose to some great talent, but they earn over $ 17 million in cap space, and likely picks in the draft to help rebuild It’s a tough choice on both

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EbeneInfo – United States – New England Patriots: Interesting decisions on salary caps expect 2021

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