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How the media rated the New Orleans Pelicans draft and their selection of Kira Lewis Jr [Staff photo / Gary Cosby Jr]
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The 2020 NBA Draft for the New Orleans Pelicans has been a little mind-blowing On the one hand, the team has undoubtedly prepared for the future with a brilliant cache of draft from the Other, the Pelicans not only passed away but traded some young players in this draft who could be key contributors to the team in the short term.

For this reason, we gave the Pelicans a C rating for this draft, but we really wanted to give them an incomplete rating, as the corresponding moves based on what the organization did in this draft might change to make this draft better or worse for them Feel free to check out this entire piece for further analysis

Other national media posts disagree with our assessment as they focus primarily on the selection of Kira Lewis Jr and the potential he brings rather than what the Pelicans did later in the game. project Let’s take a look at what they had to say:

Our own FanSided network decided to give the Pelicans a positive review given the fact that Kira Lewis Jr. while stocking up on assets for the future

« For a team that stored more future first-round players than any other team not named Thunder, it was a fairly quiet night for the Pelicans After hooking speeder Kira Lewis to No 13, they traded from No 24 (for a future first round)… then on No 39… then on No 42… after having already sent Milwaukee No 60 in the Jrue Holiday store

That’s not bad at all, as the Pelicans have already added Eric Bledsoe, George Hill and now rookie Lewis to their backcourt last week. It was just a much quieter night than expected, although the undersized Lewis has a very loud game « 

Ringer’s NBA Draft ratings also gave the Pelicans incredible criticism for the NBA Draft, but their rating was only focused on the selection of Kira Lewis Jr and the potential he has with Zion Williamson

« Some really talented guards came off the board at the end of the lottery Lewis is the fastest player in this draft and is the rare speed demon who comes into the NBA with a reliable 3-point shot He is the perfect complement to Lonzo Ball in that he can constantly get into the lane and create cracks in the defense that Ball can then exploit as a secondary playmaker The two will look fantastic on the court alongside Zion Williamson and Jaxson Hayes, the two top athletes drafted in last year’s lottery. Pelicans will fly next season « 

Sports Illustrated seemed to agree with our network’s advice, but noted that this year may not allow New Orleans

« Kira Lewis was a booming name throughout the league before the draft, and he has found a comfortable landing spot in New Orleans. His impressive speed will be heavily showcased as the Pelicans race to the ground with Zion Williamson, and Lewis’ shooting ability will allow him to play alongside Lonzo Ball Lewis may not have a major impact as a rookie, but he fits well into the New Orleans timeline. He should become a quality starter alongside Williamson in the years to come « 

And another? CBS Sports followed the Ringer and then some raved about the selection of Kira Lewis Jr. They even gave a little insider analysis as to why they thought he was a good fit for the Pelicans

« My colleague at CBS Sports headquarters, Avery Johnson, recruited Lewis from Alabama, and he spent the last few months convincing me that Lewis was a lottery talent. And when you watch the movie, it’s easy to see why He’s blurry with the ball AND can shoot He’s a point guard of size, speed and skill He could be the best point guard in this class Put him next to Zion Williamson, and things are getting exciting « 

Positive reviews are always good, although they may disagree with our opinions.I think it’s safe to say that we all hope Kira Lewis Jr. turns into a star for the Pelicans of the New Orleans as many people think it will

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