EbeneInfo – US – Jets in no rush to move Adam Gase as coach now, but changes are coming in 2021


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The Jets continue to limp towards what could be a winless season, but the property has yet to send any signals that a manager change is imminent and there is no internal push to this stage to free Adam Gase from his functions

There are all expectations within this organization – including among the many staff at Gase himself – that they won’t be back with the Jets in 2021, sources say « They are not naive about it, » said a trainer who had had private conversations with many Jets staff. But owners Chris and Woody Johnson have given no indication that they are firmly committed to making a move during the season

With the absence of fans in the stands and the pandemic changing the landscape of all professional sports in ways previously unimaginable, there is not the same level of fan reaction that would be displayed in season normal The visuals on the day of the match are very different and the optic of blackmailing the fans for shooting while holding up signs or carrying bags on the head is not there

Additionally, while no one would say it publicly, the Jets organization as a whole would love to secure the overall top pick and the rights to select Trevor Lawrence, considered one of the top college prospects and someone else. one that could to replicate what rookies like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are doing this year Sam Darnold then becomes a business chip to amass more draft capital, which energizes the rebuilding process

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” this was how a league source who had spoken to confidants with the Jets described it “If it takes 0-16 to get Lawrence, then do whatever it takes « 

There is no reasonably projected result, with the Jets at 0-9 as they face the Chargers today and with the rest of the calendar filled with teams that are currently 6-3 or better, which would prevent the franchise from changing coaches at some point, sources say, but this game with a 2-7 opponent is not a do-or-die for the staff

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EbeneInfo – United States – The Jets are in no rush to move Adam Gase as coach now, but changes are coming in 2021

Source: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jets-in-no-hurry-to-make-adam-gase-coaching-move-now-but-changes-are-coming-in-2021/

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