EbeneInfo – US – Predict Steelers vs Jaguars Winner, Week 11


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BTSC staff share thoughts and predict Steelers vs Jaguars outcome

JuJu Smith-Schuster says 9-0 Steelers plan to give Steelers less stress in future Black and Gold usually fight Jacksonville, but they are 1-8 Will Steeler Nation fans need any heart medication or JuJu and will the boys keep their word this week? BTSC contributors have recorded their thoughts and predictions Let’s see who’s closest to the target and furthest from reality Last time around Matt Peverell came close to the mark predicting a 29-24 victory for the Steelers Who will have the right to brag this week?

Of course, this has the makings of a ‘trap game’, but when you compare the two teams, the Steelers clearly have a lot more talent than the Jaguars. Jags fan base is desperate to lose in a effort to finally find a franchise quarterback, and I think that’s exactly what will happen on Sunday I just hate the Jaguars stadium, the crumby grass and this weird wet Florida weather I think the Steelers win and cover a low scoring affair

I’ll be honest, I don’t care if the Steelers lose this game I know it’s a sacrilege for many Steeler fans, and don’t get me wrong, I will be screaming on TV the whole game , but right now the Steelers are playing with house money talk byes, home champ, and i’ll give you an answer i don’t care making the playoffs is what matters , and with a 7th place in the playoffs this year, the Steelers have done so Stay healthy, play your best football in December and January, peaking in February hopefully

Use your head, BAD! No I can’t this week I want to live in a fantasy world where the Steelers completely dominate Jacksonville at 1-8 and the Steelers could make a bold statement I’d like to think they could become the King of the Castle in a way epic

I’ll be very honest, as the game ended last week against the Cincinnati Bengals I felt a calm, calm presence in the air as our Steelers moved up to 9-0 The Bengals game was the perfect game to sit down with a beer or soda and enjoy This season so far has been nothing short of an amazing trip A road trip in Duval County will be thrilling to watch as I see our Steelers showing up and playing some tough football I don’t think Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Jake Luton will score more points than Ben Roethlisberger Joe Burrow struggled to move the ball over the sidelines The story goes will repeat while Luton is under pressure and confused in errors Here we will Steelers a two digit number in the payoff column is very achievable

Steelers score over 30 points per game Jaguars give over 30 points per game Ben Roethlisberger vs. Jake Luton Steelers receiver corps vs. anyone, Jaguars will trot there Eric Ebron vs. Tyler Eifert and / or the other guy whose name brings to mind a destination on a pub crawl Unless there are some real traps set up at TIAA Bank Field, I see no way this is a game of traps for the Steelers

The Steelers have wrestled with the Jaguars in recent history, and there will be times in this game where that trend continues even if the Jaguars start Jake Luton (who ?!) at quarterback, and their defense is a dominant force shell in 2017, they always seem to be giving the Steelers adjustments That said, the Steelers, on both sides of the ball, will simply have too much to deal with for the Jaguars and return to Pittsburgh with their 10th straight win of the season.

The sequence continues! Our Steelers remain undefeated in 2020 and are heading for some of the easiest weeks on their schedule (bar next week against Baltimore) It’s so hard to see Jacksonville clinch a win this week, but for Steelers fans it’s is a great chance to enjoy some great play and walking in February For avid NFL fans, beyond the Steelers in particular, this week is a great opportunity to see some of the Jaguars rookies who are just giving it away a chance This week is the perfect opportunity for the running defense to get back on track by putting an end to a young and experienced corps led by James Robinson Look for the Steelers to put pressure on Luton in the passing game, as they did with Lamar and Burrow, with our secondary standing with several takeaways and even a defensive score. The Steelers will break 5 bags even if they don’t constantly blitz

What better team than the Jaguars to start with double-digit wins for the first time in Pittsburgh Steeler history I mean come on, they already have Jag in their name, it’s like they’re made why you might be wondering about 2017, when the Steelers lost to the Jags twice at home, but a lot has changed for both teams since. The Steelers lost two offensive superstars who may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise, while also transforming Defense into an elite unit and resupplying the WR’s body aside from Myles Jack, I don’t even recognize anyone left of this Jags D, and I also don’t know who this guy is taking the pictures for them this week This is a game of two teams that went in totally different directions after the 2017 season, the Steelers win this one- this quite easily

I’m starting over! Two weeks ago I knew I shouldn’t pick the Steelers to cover such a big road broadcast so I didn’t I was wrong Last week I over-corrected and picked not to cover them at home Still wrong My system says the Steelers will win single digits, but my heart says this team Jags don’t offer enough to stay close So I pick a blowout Maybe I’ll finally get it right Regardless of how much, I always say the Steelers win

There’s a boring sequel to the hilarious TV series « It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia » It’s called « It’s never easy in Jacksonville » The show stars the Pittsburgh Steelers as top NFL franchise that inevitably struggles whenever they take on the brave Jaguars There is a twist to this episode, however: in what should be a trap game, the Steelers win by disappearing! Ben Roethlisberger plays the hero, throwing three touchdown passes, and for comic relief, Jags quarterback Jake Luton arrives late for the game because stadium security refuses to believe the Jags are Jake’s quarterback. Luton

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a surplus of talented youngsters still fighting for their future in the NFL in a team heading for the top three picks in the Draft Without a doubt, the Jaguars’ hierarchy desperately wants and needs to write a Franchise QB to build around, and the current roster is still trying to prove that they should be included in this plan If the Steelers play fundamentally healthy football and avoid swing-shift mistakes like turnovers or special-team mistakes, the Steelers’ huge talent advantage across the roster should lead to a performance. dominant on both sides of the ball

While the Jaguars have played against the historically tough Steelers in this series between former AFC Central rivals, I think Pittsburgh handles things fairly easily in the 2020 game. There is a clear talent and experience gap between these two teams, and I think Jacksonville is going to struggle to move the ball against the strong Pittsburgh defense, while the Steelers should be able to move the ball with it. ease offensively

What is your prediction? Which BTSC contributor is the most on the money? Let us know in the poll and comments section below !!

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EbeneInfo – US – Predict Steelers vs Jaguars Winner, Week 11

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