Elon Musk smashes Bill Gates: billionaire clash, here’s why !


 and , it’s a great story of disenchantment. Elon Musk who is currently the 4th fortune in the world after having briefly beaten Zuckerberg and having been 3rd, hardly likes Gates , second fortune. Moreover, he also very often takes the cabbage with Jeff Bezos . It is true that the two elders do not like the young and lively forty-something who is going up. And for good reason, the boss of Tesla or even SpaceX is far from having his tongue in his pocket . This is not the first time that the two billionaires are hooked, indeed, Musk had launched aof tweet concerning the Covid 19. Bill Gates not agreeing with the boss of Tesla, declared that the latter was talking nonsense about the disease. This statement is all the more astonishing since Bill Gates not being a doctor, Musk’s opinion was well worth Gates’ . But Gates didn’t stop there. He struts around in an electric Porsche under Musk’s nose. However, Tesla is an American company. But whatever . Gates is allowed to drive in a German car. It is his strictest right.

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Gates attacks Tesla and electric motors

In fact, the boss of Microsoft made a blog post in which he gave his opinion on electric vehicles . And he did not hesitate to demolish this technology. One who has long been the man richest of the planet has seen fit to take the vehicle to power electric. He thus explained that in his opinion electric vehicles will be a good solution in the future but under certain conditions. Indeed, according to him it is necessary that the batteries become cheaper and less heavyso that the electric vehicle option can quickly become a reality. But he deemed it useful to drive the point home by targeting more or less discreetly, the Tesla company , owned by his rival, Elon Musk.

Bill Gates denigrates electric trucks and planes

The billionaire then got into the game and began to criticize plans for electric trucks and planes . So Bill Gates thought it useful to write that even if great progress were to take place, electricity would never be an option for trucks and planes. Bill Gates then pleaded for the use of alternative energies such as bio-fuels. The founder of Microsoft insists by explaining that anyway the batteries were too big for them to one day power vehicles or devices other than cars . Finally the man added a layer inwarmly congratulating several companies working on electric heavy goods vehicles. He even found it useful to cite companies like Ford, Bollinger or General Motors. He ostensibly omitted to quote Tesla, while Tesla is arguably the company with the best image in this area. The forgetting was therefore perfectly intentional. So Gates’s goal was to tackle Musk by making him understand that his company was careless quantity.

The response to the challenge was not made to wait

However, and it is common knowledge, Tesla is currently developing an electric truck . The Tesla Semi was presented in 2017. The machine was to be marketed in 2019, but the program is slightly behind schedule. And so Musk didn’t appreciate his coworker’s cowardice . His response was not long in coming. As always, the boss of SpaceX used  . And his response was pithy. In response to a man referring to Gates’ post he simply posted « He has no clue » . In French, « he knows nothing about it » . It is clear, it is clear and it is precise. And here is Gates dressed for the winter.



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