FlachInfo – AU – Park Ranger films a three-meter-long saltwater crocodile that crosses the street


Posted: 06:30 GMT, 14 January 2021 | Updated: 07:48 GMT, Jan. January 2021

A giant three meter long crocodile was filmed crossing a dirt road in remote Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory

Park ranger Jenny Hunter shot the video with partner Andy Ralph on Wednesday and sent a warning to local communities in the area

The crocodile can be seen rumbling across the dusty, red road in front of Ms. Jäger’s all-wheel drive with something in its mouth that people commenting online might mistake for a small animal

The Kakadu National Park (picture) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 10000 crocodiles

« A decent sized crocodile moves across the dam and isn’t shy about it, » warned Ralph on Thursday afternoon

Rangers in the Kakadu area recently posted warning signs about the risks of crocodiles following moderate flooding in early January

« Keep in mind that almost every creek, drainage channel, and watering hole in Kakadu contains a crocodile during the rainy season So keep an eye out and stay safe, « he wrote

The three meter long crocodile (pictured) has been spotted in Kakadu National Park Some people commented that the reptile appeared to have had lunch

« I just went out to lunch, it could be a pig or a dog, » added a third

The rugged area is home to famous indigenous rock art and abundant Australian fauna, including dingoes, wallabies and quolls, as well as unique bird species

Cockatoo has a population of around 10000 crocodiles that are either fresh water up to three meters in length or salt water up to six meters in length and weighing more than a ton

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EbeneInfo – AU – Park Ranger films a three-meter-long saltwater crocodile that crosses the street
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Hold your breath: Park Ranger films a three meter long saltwater crocodile that crosses a dirt road in front of traffic

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