FlachInfo – GB – John Barrowman is accused of forging his Scottish accent on Lorraine


    Posted: 10:50 GMT, Dec. November 2020 | Updated: 10:51 GMT, Jan. November 2020

    And John Barrowman, 53, went back to his original accent Monday morning when he was interviewed by Glaswegian Lorraine Kelly, 61 The audience was amused and accused the actor of faking or at least exaggerating the Scottish twang

    The I’m A Celeb star didn’t move to the US until his father relocated to work when John was eight, and from that point took up his American twang

    What’s up? 53-year-old John Barrowman returned to his original accent when interviewed by Glaswegian Lorraine Kelly, 61, Monday morning and viewers were confused

    Lorraine viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion One person wrote: « I am aware that he is indeed Scottish, but how did John Barrowman’s accent go from American to broadly Scottish in a few months? »

    ‘I’m so confused by John Barrowman’s accent. He doesn’t usually sound Scottish? ‘added another fan of the show

    Someone else tweeted, ‘Why did John Barrowman decide to use an American with a Scottish accent after years of speaking? !!

    « Oh, I know because he’s talking to Lorraine Kelly It’s terrifying and so embarrassing. It’s a very difficult watch ‘

    Cringe! Fans who saw the morning show took to social media to accuse the actor of faking, or at least exaggerating, the Scottish twang

    Where does it come from? John didn’t move to the United States until his father was relocated to work when John was eight years old, and from that point on took on his American twang

    ‘John Barrowman speaks with a fake Scottish accent and #lorraine doesn’t notice,’ wrote another viewer, and someone else tweeted, ‘John Barrowman and his exaggerated accent when speaking to a Scotsman literally make me flinch # lorraine ‘

    ‘Did I miss something or did John Barrowman start putting a Scottish accent on #Lorraine? I know he’s Scottish American, but I’m sure he usually has a pretty heavy American accent! ‘said another viewer

    One person tweeted, ‘Ffs, Monday morning and John Barrowman speaks with a Scottish accent to get attention cba #Lorraine’

    Someone else used a photo of Jennifer Aniston who plays Rachel Green in Friends on the phone and it was titled, « Hello, this is Dr Wrong accent « 

     » on McNeely of the university

    « We want you to come on board all day » #Lorraine #JohnBarrowman ‘who uses the American sitcom’s funny’ Fake Accent ‘storyline to ridicule the I’m A Celeb star

    This isn’t the first time John’s accent has caused a stir in January 2019 fans were puzzled when the same Scottish accent came out when it performed in Lorraine The moderator told him about the online response

    He’s Scottish, okay? In January 2019, John was followed by viewers for wearing a Scottish accent during an interview with Lorraine Kelly

    ‘A lot of people say, « Why do you speak with a Scottish accent? » – « Because you are talking to me », Lorraine said to him

    ‘Yes! I speak Scottish to my mom and dad, when I’m with someone who is Scottish, I speak Scottish, ”said I’m A Celeb’s ex-roommate

    ‘When I was a kid, I was bullied for attending a state school with no Scottish kids, so I speak with an American accent’

    ‘Leave me alone!’ Fans watching at home got confused and went to Twitter to ask John what he was playing at

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    Level Info – GB – John Barrowman is accused of forging his Scottish accent on Lorraine
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    Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9000721/John-Barrowman-accused-FAKING-Scottish-accent-speaks-strong-twang-Lorraine.html

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