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Researchers at SonicWall Capture Labs today unveiled Q3 threat intelligence collected by more than one million global security sensors Current year results through September 2020 highlights increasing use by cybercriminals of ransomware, encrypted threats and attacks using non-standard ports, while overall malware volume has declined for the third consecutive quarter

« For most of us, 2020 was the year we saw savings almost stop, morning commutes end and traditional offices disappear, » said Bill Conner, president and chief executive officer. from the management of SonicWall « However, the overnight emergence of remote workforce and virtual offices has given cybercriminals new attractive vectors to exploit. These results show their relentless pursuit of what is not rightfully theirs for monetary gain, economic domination and global recognition. »

Malware Volume Declines as Attacks Become More Targeted and Diversified While malware authors and cybercriminals are still busy launching sophisticated cyber attacks, SonicWall research concludes that the overall volume of malware globally continues to decline steadily in 2020 In a third-quarter year-over-year comparison, SonicWall researchers recorded 44 billion malware attacks – a 39% drop globally

Regional comparisons show that India (-68%) and Germany (-64%) again recorded a considerable percentage decline, along with the United States (-33%) and the UK Uni (-44%) Lower malware count does not mean it will go away completely Rather, it is part of a cyclical downturn that can recover very easily in a short period of time

Ransomware breaks out, Ryuk is responsible for third of all attacks Ransomware attacks make daily headlines as they wreak havoc on businesses, municipalities, healthcare organizations and educational institutions SonicWall researchers tracked aggressive growth in each month of the third quarter, including a massive spike in September While sensors in India (-29%), UK (-32%) and Germany (- 86%) saw declines, the US saw an incredible 1452 million ransomware visits – a 139% increase year-on-year

Notably, SonicWall researchers observed a significant increase in Ryuk ransomware detections in 2020 Until Q3 2019, SonicWall only detected 5,123 Ryuk attacks Until Q3 2020, SonicWall detected 673 million ‘Ryuk attacks – a third (337%) of all ransomware attacks this year

“What’s interesting is that Ryuk is a relatively young ransomware family that was discovered in August 2018 and has grown significantly in popularity in 2020,” said Dmitriy Ayrapetov, vice president of SonicWall, Platform Architecture “The increase in the remote and mobile workforce appears to have increased its prevalence, resulting not only in financial losses but also impacting health services with attacks on hospitals.

« Ryuk is particularly dangerous because it is targeted, manual, and often exploited via a multi-stage attack preceded by Emotet and TrickBot malware. Therefore, if an organization owns Ryuk, this is a pretty good indication that they is infested with several types of malware « 

SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), with patent-pending Real-Time Deep Memory InspectionTM (RTDMI), protects against all variants of Emotet, TrickBot and Ryuk ransomware – in real time

Addiction to IoT Grows Along with COVID-19 Threats Has Led to an Unexpected Flood of Devices on Networks, Increasing Potential Threats to Businesses Struggling to Stay Operational During the SonicWall Capture Labs Pandemic saw a 30% increase in IoT malware attacks, to a total of 324 million worldwide

Most IoT devices – including voice-activated smart devices, door chimes, TV cameras, and devices – weren’t designed with security as a top priority, making them vulnerable to attacks and provides authors with many entry points

“Employees used to rely on provided security office networks, but the growth in remote and mobile workforce has extended distributed networks that serve both home and home office,” said Conner « Consumers should stop and wonder if devices such as air conditioning controls, home alarm systems or baby monitors are deployed safely For maximum protection, professionals using virtual home offices , especially those operating in the C-suite, should consider segmenting home networks « 

SonicWall threat intelligence data also concluded that during cryptojacking (579 million), intrusion attempts (35 billion) and IoT malware threats (324 million) are all the rage with reports of volume of the first half of the year, they continue to pose a threat and remain a source of opportunities for cybercriminals

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World News – CA – Aggressive Ransomware Growth Detected in Research


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