Injury of officer slashed by man ‘horrendous, life-long’


The police officer slashed across the face with a knife suffered a « horrendous injury » that will be a « life-long reminder » of Wednesday night’s incident, Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski says.

The male officer was expected to recover. The man accused of attacking him had surgery overnight after sustaining multiple police-inflicted gunshot wounds.

The visit to the man’s home on Hillgrove Road in Upper Mount Gravatt was a routine matter to serve documents, with « no reason » for police to suspect the situation would escalate about 5pm.

The man has been accused of arming himself with a knife and lunging at the officers.

Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said at the scene on Wednesday that the male officer had suffered a very serious wound due to the « slashing across his face and across his nose ».

The pair had « attempted to retreat » before the female officer fired her gun about three or four times, striking the man « in the torso area of the body », according to Superintendent Fleming.

Paramedics rushed the officer to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a serious condition, while the alleged attacker underwent surgery overnight at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said while an ethical standards command investigation continued, the shots fired by the female officer appeared to be a « textbook response ».Credit:Matt Dennien

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said the actions of the female officer who shot the 25-year-old father « look like a textbook response on the face of it ».

« My understanding is that this was a fairly routine policing action for them and they were not expecting anything untoward, but they have responded very well, » he said.

« Whilst we are grateful the officer will recover, he will have a life-long reminder of what’s occurred.

« I’m very pleased for her [female officer] that hopefully this fellow [alleged attacker] will recover – I’d hate to think that any of our officers would have to live with that [killing a suspect]. »

It was unclear how many others may have been in the home at the time, and what they may have witnessed.

« It’s very sad an unfortunate that two people have been wounded and are in quite serious condition, » Superintendent Fleming said.

Though investigations were still in their early stages, the experienced officers of at least 10-years’ service had « no indication » things may have escalated the way they did.

« Two police officers from an inquiry office turning up here … that is an absolutely everyday event, » Superintendent Fleming said.


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