Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Here are the real reasons for his departure from TF1


According to several sources within the editorial staff cited by Le Parisien, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had more than one reason for wanting to leave the 13 Hours JT by the end of 2020.

After 33 years of good and loyal service, Jean-Pierre Pernaut announced this Tuesday, September 15, 2020, to everyone’s surprise that he would leave the presentation of the newspaper of 13 before the end of the year. In a video posted on social networks, the TF1 veteran claims to have decided to change pace. According to the Parisian , this departure is none other than the choice of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. According to a source in the daily,  » he did not want to do the year too long and get fired like Claire Chazal. He remains in control of his career and ensures new meetings on the air. « 

Beyond his desire to keep control over his career, the Covid-19 health crisis that followed his fight against prostate cancer in 2018, which he did not hide from his loyal viewers, changed the priorities by Jean-Pierre Pernaut.  » His cancer has taken a heavy toll on him physically. And psychologically, he has radically changed his outlook on life. He has understood that he is old and wants to take advantage of his family,  » said a relative. Words that echo those of Nathalie Marquay , his wife, on CNEWS. The ex-Miss France confided, « containment has been an accelerator. He realized that it was also good to be at home. He hesitated. It’s his baby, the 13 Hours, It’s like we were talking to him about retirement, when he still has plenty to show. Lifting the foot is completely unimaginable for him « .

An unexpected announcement for TF1 

If the departure of Jean-Pierre Pernaut was validated the day before, the management of TF1 did not expect the journalist to face an official announcement so quickly. Le Parisien also reported the words of Thierry Thuillier. The news director of TF1 told his teams:  » I had not planned such a short schedule. We will have to speed up the tempo to designate a successor. We will enter more or less long days of speculation. I will make sure that you are the first to know. Jean-Pierre will continue to advise us. He will be the guarantor of the future 13 Hours. Whatever happens, the culture of the 13 Hours must be preserved. We are not going to have a 20 Hours at midday « .



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