Layer Info – CA – Quarantine only builds Team Canada’s determination


    Solitary confinement is a brutal punishment in any situation, but for the Canadian Junior World Team it is a really cruel and unusual punishment

    It’s not so much quarantined in individual rooms for 14 days – it’s a Red Deer hotel, not Alcatraz, and virtual technology helps alleviate boredom and loneliness

    It’s the non-playing hockey role that eats her from the inside out. This should be her junior World Cup prep time, a chance for players who have been idle for eight months to get in game shape

    And as soon as they started their training camp, they had to close it and hide it in their rooms for two weeks because two players tested positive for COVID-19

    « My first reaction was definitely frustration, » said Defenseman Bowen Byram. « We had a lot of excitement when we got to the camp. The boys were excited to be getting back into a competitive environment and the first week of camp went very well, the Games went well, we got back on track It was tough when everything was canceled and we were told we needed to quarantine ”

    After the players got their immediate frustration and anger out of the way, they discussed their plight (virtually, of course) and decided that their only option was to stick together and fight their way through, and they vowed to somehow turn this quarantine into a positive experience transform that actually makes them stronger when they come out on the other side

    Ten days after the finish, with the finish line in sight, they hold up very well

    « There are two ways you can deal with this, » said Byram. « You can get angry and angry, or take it as a challenge, and I think our group did a really good job of getting it right. » >

    “You have to realize that there are worse situations you could find yourself in. That’s how I’ve seen it There are many people in the world who are less fortunate than us. Overall, staying in a hotel room is not like that bad ”

    Staying positive and entertained is definitely key to maintaining your sanity, but these aren’t the main issues right now.This is about what a two-week shutdown means for a group of players, many of whom haven’t had real in eight months Have played the game more and preparing to defend a gold medal in less than a month

    « It’s definitely a bump in the road, but the good news is that we’re becoming bulletproof mentally and physically as a team, » said center Dylan Holloway, « Anything you do there in life is going to be a little uncomfortable It’s just a matter of how you get through. Those adversities at the beginning of the road bring us all together and make us mentally harder for the road ahead ”

    The biggest thing Canadians do for them is get them back into the ice on December 7 They still have 20 days worth of runway to update even if they start at the beginning need to prevent injury, they still feel there is enough time to be ready

    « It’s not going to be easy, » Byram said. « I’m not going to gloss over anything; it’s difficult if you haven’t skated for two weeks and haven’t been able to do anything too intense with your training. It’s going to be a challenge. But we have a mentally strong group of people and I am confident that everyone is taking steps to help themselves while in their hotel room and when we are back on the ice we will be ready to go ”

    « There’s nothing like cardio skating, » added Holloway. « You can ride a bike in your room, but nothing really goes with skating so it will definitely take a couple of days, but after that we will be good for sure we have So many talented players here that we won’t lose this overnight I think there will be enough time ”

    Finding a way has always been the Canadian motto, so they see no reason to change this due to a pandemic, quarantine or a stunted training camp

    « It’s not going to be easy, but we’re all here to win a gold medal and make Canada proud, » said Byram. « No matter how long we have to sit in our hotel rooms, no matter how many skates and workouts we have to fit, to get back in shape and be ready to fight for a gold medal, we are all ready to do so“I think we have a strong group that will respond”

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    EbeneInfo – CA – The quarantine only strengthens the Canadian team’s resolve


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