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In a tweet from the Astralis official twitter account, it was today announced that the veteran League of Legends team Origen would be rebranding to the Astralis name. The decision comes after a split of poor performance that saw the team finish in last place in the LEC Summer split, with many fans calling for a change in an organization that has struggled to live up to its historic pedigree in recent months. 

We live for the moments we share. It’s time for the stars to shine.This is the new Astralis universe.#ToTheStars pic.twitter.com/1KGnm8Hit0

According to a blog post on the official Astralis website, the change “will reflect a new, yet well-known direction” and will involve rebuilding the organization “to include both known and new faces”. The key stages in this proposed rebuild have been the departure of General Manager Martin “Deficio” Lynge and owner Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño, although xPeke will remain a shareholder in the Astralis group. 

The role of current coach André “Guilhoto” Guilhoto is “yet to be determined”, but in the aforementioned blog post, Astralis introduced the core coaching staff around which the new organization will be built. This includes the promotion of former assistant coach Baltat “AoD” Alin-Ciprian to Head Coach, where he will be supported by Bjørn-Vegar “iHansen” Hansen, formerly coach for NLC team Nordavind, in the Assistant Coach role. 

Astralis Head of Sports Kasper Hvidt explains in a statement that “we want to win, but we want to do it while we constantly strengthen our foundation and progress, as a team, and as an organization. Ultimately, we want to be a contender for the Worlds title, but just as with our Counter-Strike team, things will take time. For now, the focus is to build the strongest possible organization around the team.”.

Astralis’ introduction to the LEC marks the brand’s first foray into the League of Legends scene – with the Astralis brand currently represented by teams in CS:GO and FIFA. With the loss of a brand as iconic as Origen in the European scene, this rebranding is yet another stepping stone in the wave of new talent entering the LEC. 

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