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After a brief hiatus that allowed LeBron James and Anthony Davis to dynamically make their way to a league title within the bubble, the superteam era is upon us again. The newest version of the NBA was released on Formed Wednesday afternoon when the Brooklyn Nets added James Harden to a team that already had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, we’ve never seen three such skilled shooters on the same team as it’s a trio that are unique and unprecedented for countless good and bad reasons feels How Harden fits in with his new teammates was brought to the fore as a fascinating question with critical implications

First the exciting parts Durant and Harden are teammates for the first time since 2012, when their Oklahoma City Thunder was defeated by LeBron’s Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Almost a decade later, the pair have a total of four titles (Durant’s first three came while Harden was his teammate), two MVP trophies and recognition as two historically pre-eminent offensive threats

If we stopped this article here, the nets would already have an unfair advantage over almost everyone they play. Harden and Durant are influential phenomena that draw the attention of an entire defensive as you dribble the ball.But there’s more: Same Next door is Irving, a breathtaking six-time All-Star who currently averages 27 points with 50/42/100 shooting splits. He’s also unstoppable when his team needs a bucket

On paper, a roster with all three shouldn’t have blanket storage points. We know this because it goes without saying – how to explain why pizza is delicious.But we’ve also seen Brooklyn’s offense when Irving and Durant play, and it is a thunderstorm that generates an offensive rating that ranks second in the league, adding Harden, a unique force that can either hit the free-throw line or his strong throwback three whenever it wants, and the strength of Brooklyn’s three-headed Attack is uncut poison

Not that they should or will adopt the same isolation-heavy style that has fueled Houston’s success for so many years, but for the sake of entertainment let’s just say Brooklyn chose to rely solely on Harden’s ability to play games to take over with efficiency Use and work that has no precedent The defense would have to play him one on one (impossible) or help Durant and Irving. Imagine the two of them catch Harden’s kickout pass, do a closeout, and then tear up an opponent who won’t load can to stop them teams won’t be able to flash Harden in the bubble like the Lakers without being okay that Durant or Irving would then have an open shot or a 4v3 advantage over it would be a slaughterhouse

Regardless of whether they are moving the ball or jumping out of their own silos, each is a natural complement to the other Nothing can slow two of these three at the same time, let alone all of them over the course of a seven-game series.Each one is a devastatingly accurate three-point shooter who can get an opponent off the ricochet or melt while standing still

Distance won’t be an issue, and you will have enough of it to assume that one of the other two starters Joe Harris is (currently 54) 4 percent of his spot-up attempts), with Landry Shamet (career 40) 2 Percent three-point threat this season) and other capable catch and shoot options like Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot and Jeff Green, all of whom have time to put down open shots

We also don’t know if / when Spencer Dinwiddie will be back, and right now Brooklyn has three open roster slots with options like Kyle Korver, Ersan Ilyasova, and J.R. Smith (* fingers crossed *) technically available (rebounders will also be needed to fill the vacancies in Brooklyn)

With Caris LeVert no longer around to fill his overqualified role as Sixth Man, Brooklyn’s more intriguing looks won’t be seen until Steve Nash stumbles his three superstars, but it remains to be seen who exactly gets the lead second units resting most of the time while the other two Nash started the season with Irving and Durant every minute together but had to turn after Dinwiddie tore his ACL

With Harden on board, Brooklyn could always have at least one of the three on the court, which is firepower that no team in the NBA can match, considering that no team has a trio that is great regardless, regardless of who’s around but together, when it all clicks, their potential on the pitch is scary.Just think how a defense would react to Harden and DeAndre Jordan doing a high pick and roll while Irving did one Torch screen hires for KD The answer is it’s a popsicle in a microwave If the nets don’t end this season with a top 3 attack, something terrible has happened

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the more precarious aspects of this new partnership. In short, they are: defense, depth, an unprecedented pressure, and for the networks the reality of knowing their success ultimately boils down to the whims of three enduring personalities In addition, who have no choice but to team up around a basketball in an environment that requires sacrifice and humility with three picks of their own on the first round and four pick swaps that are now owned by the Houston Rockets, that can still be argued no team has ever gone all-in to win an NBA title like the Nets just did

With this colossal bet in mind, her ability to get stops may be an issue Jarrett Allen, her launch center and source of integrated rim protection, is now on Irving’s former team, the Cavaliers, and it will be interesting to see if How the nets replace his impact Post-defense has crept into Harden’s redemption narrative after years of comical exertion and awareness, but as such there is no evidence that matters unless he is surrounded by other effective defenders communicating to each other Twist a cord and instinctively help someone out

The squad is filled with weak links at this end, and losing Taurean Prince on the four-team deal didn’t exactly help Harden aren’t the bypass wing they need when they’re in a playoff series against the Boston Celtics , Milwaukee Bucks, or one of the LA teams, and it’s easy to imagine an opponent running Irving and Harden through the screens over and over again, forcing switches and chaotic mismatches from a group that was already brittle before Hardenhandel 20, was defense Brooklyn’s Biggest Concern Now it might be kryptonite, especially if they still close small games with Green at the five

If you compare these Big 3 with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen or Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson or LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh or LeBron, Irving and Kevin Love, there is always something at least one member who that is forced to take on an extra role, with fewer touches and fewer shots, so you have to bow down for who they are and embrace the less glamorous elements of sport without the ball in their hands

Brooklyn has no love or Bosh or Klay Harden can be selfless, but will he do it after all his prime with the whole show on his watch? Irving is the least adept of the three, with an offensive skill that overlaps all of the Harden he brings to the table now, but he couldn’t have the defensive impact Bosh had when he wanted, and the praise piled up their ability to complement each other earlier in this article turn to ashes when one becomes dissatisfied with reduced responsibility

Assuming bumps on the road are as similar as they are on the offensive without lifting each other up on the other, it’s not too early to wonder if Irving will at some point versus a superior fit should or will be exchanged either this year or next year

And even with Irving treated, the short-term pressure to win everything before Harden and Durant either age out of their respective prime numbers or – more likely – step into the free hand in July 2022 in search of a greener pasture, no persist less overwhelming the organization has no future beyond these two Unlike what the Los Angeles Clippers did two summers ago to acquire Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, this was an all-or-bust move that wasn’t Had to take place The Nets were already a title contender before this deal. How will this pressure manifest itself in a locker room where there is no obvious leader? How will it affect the decisions of Sean Marks and Nash? Harden is 31 with a birthday in August and KD is 32 with a birthday in September Your window won’t be open long

Meanwhile, their collective talent will replace any fit issues most nights against most opponents.If their supporting cast doesn’t work, they can always be reshuffled during the summer, provided one or two ringhunting veterans accept less money than otherwise he could earn

The nets have no culture and no obvious identity on the pitch The pace they choose is as much a question mark as who would get the ball in their hands 2 seconds before the end in a game 7, which doesn’t mean they won’t find out everything, but worthwhile questions can easily become earth-shattering problems when the stakes get as high as Brooklyn has just decided to ask

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level info – AU – James Hardens fit on the nets resolve
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